Results Of Honest Heart


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Results of Honest hearth

 A farmer was sad everyday they wake up and eat, drink, farm and  sleep.

One day the king asked him and his daughter what is going on why is you family sad everyday.

The farmer said: we dont have any money our farm is drying up, we dont have any thing to eat.

The king said: i will use you daughter as my servent and i will make your house and family better. 

The farmer said: thank you for helping us. 

your welcome said the king.

One day the kings daughter was tacking a shower, she gave her clothes to the farmers daughter.

A big bird came flying throw the window and grabed the clothes out of her hands.

Farmers daughter said: oh my god no how  could this happed.

The prinsses came out of shower and dryed her self and asked the farmers daughter to give her clothes back.

The farmers daughter Lisa  said: a big bird came flying throw the window and grabed it out of my hands.

The prinsses said: you lier how could you do this to me we made you live batter and now you want to steel from me you thief.

Lisa said: no i swear a bird took it.

They king and the prinsses put lisa in jail.

In jail lisa dreamed of a old man saying there is 7 dollers in a conor of the jail  take it and ask some one to buy raisin.

It was morning lisa got up and went to the coner of the jail and found 7 dollors then she saw many people walking then she yelled please take my money and buy raisin. The people said we are busy we have a wedding shopping to do as the people walk for 10 min a young man ran up to them and said there is no wedding but a funeral people save you money from those thing and buy a dead body box for this poor person.

Lisa saw those people walk all away back lisa asked them what happend. One of those people said a person is dead and now we are going to buy a dead body box lisa asked them again can you take my 7 dolloers and buy me some raisin they said sure. lisa caude not stop thanking them.

After they baught her raisin the same young man ran throw the street and said there is no dead person but a healthy man.

Prinsses was sitting in her bedroom disappointed as the big bird came and dropped her clothes on her laps. She was happy and   Surprised 

Lisa came out of the jail and they king made lisa's dad the king because of them being honest.

                                                                                 THE END

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