Blue Eyes (WIP)


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 “The ban of people with blue eyes is taking place very soon! After this commercial break, an explanation will be given. This is Reed Goodman on AN News.” 

The screen switched to commercial break, and Ruby was having a full on panic attack. A “ban” on people with blue eyes? That means she and her mom will go God knows where. Ruby’s mom was trying to calm her daughter down, but she was scared too.

The advertisements soon came to an end, revealing the logo of AN News. Ruby’s heart stopped in her chest as the anchor spoke. “Ever since these mysterious blue eyes have shown up, things have not been normal in the world. It is believed that the people who posses these eyes are related to supernatural beings. Since this is the only thing that makes sense, these people will be put into ‘hospitals’ to be tested.”

Ruby was confused, “Hospitals? Do they think we are mentally ill?” Reed continued with the story, “Blue eyes people are not natural at all and should completely be exterminated from this planet. The runners of the ‘hospitals’ have concluded that these aliens will be there until their last breath. No need to worry!” 

Ruby and her mom just stopped listening at that point. Aliens. Seriously?They are human beings, just as equal as anyone else. 

Ruby’s mother suddenly broke the silence by handing Ruby a bulging suitcase and a piece of paper, “Take these, and go to this address. Run.” Ruby was about to protest, but her mom pushed her out of the house already.

Ruby could hear her mom sobbing and crying for her daughter to be safe. The last words were spoken as her mother broke down, “Goodbye, Ruby. Stay safe.” 

With the suitcase and address paper, Ruby ran off to the destination. She was falling down, running out of energy, starving, and thirsty, but she never stopped running. 

Ruby arrived to the address of the paper. There stood a wooden rundown shack sitting on a large piece of land. Odd. 

She walked up to the old door and knocked a few times. Almost immediately, the door swung open revealing a tall old lady with a tight gray bun sitting on her head. Her eagle-like eyes were almost black, and she glared at Ruby with an annoyed expression.

As soon as the lady’s eyes met Ruby’s, they immediately softened. She spoke in a clear voice, “You must be Ruby. Welcome to STBE. I am Ruth, your new caretaker.” 

Ruth stepped aside to let Ruby in. Ruby hesitated and took a deep breath before following Ruth into the house.This is where her new life begins. 


Author’s Note:

Hello to my single fan who transferred here. Sorry for switching apps and changing the story a bit on you! I switched to this app because the overall quality was better, the other one was so slow and glitchy. Thank you for understanding! I am thinking of making this a shorter story than I originally planned. I’m going to update whenever I can, but I have school. I hope you enjoy the story! 

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