The Call of The Doll


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A song rises from a forgotten underground. Two Manikin Engineers are sent to investigate and find the Doll responsible before the call lure innocent bystanders. 

The first of my concept Steampunk short stories, The Call Of The Doll is an introduction to the life of the Dolls and the Manikin Engineers.

Created over 50yrs ago by an engineering genius, the original Dolls are a race of mechanical humanoids that  can often be mistaken for humans. After creating over a hundred of them, their Creator died mysteriously, leaving his secrets to two apprentices who disappeared quickly thereafter. With the science behind creating living Dolls lost, a group of engineers created the Manikin guild with the mandate to find, repair and study the original Dolls hoping it would lead to discovering their secret. 

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The Call Of The Doll

Akazia's steps were assured, paced; the sound of her heels reverberating against the musky stone walls. Henry hurried up, just behind her.

The corridor was dark, dusty. Creepy, Henry thought as his mentor went forward. Only feeble sun-rays came from tiny light wheels, high into the ceiling, leaving most of the hall in relative darkness. The apprentice shined the faint ray of his pocket crystal toward the shadows, unveiling a dummy roughly his size. The feel of the dead, mechanical eyes of the statue on him gave him a shiver. Nervous, he jumped and quickly swooped his light to another shadow, certain that something had moved.

Nothing, only more dolls covered by a thick layer of dust, resting, eyes open, in the immutable darkness.........

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