Who I Killed In Winter


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Still we stand in a line, the line of life, a line which we are ordered to follow maybe without noticing, we all follow certain paths, set up by parents, the government or other people who place the pieces of the puzzle. Nothing kills us faster than our own heads but it's only natural. Now death is just another viable option to deal with our pain and problems. If you believe in science or religion you'll always suffer and one day meet your grave. Life is a concept we can't grasp like death is another problem because we can't describe what happens when we die because there will be nothing or will there. My four walls still keep me safe yet I understand what I did, why i did it and who I did it too. The stages of life are hard, they go like this: joy, loss, suffering, denial, depression then acceptance but others refuse acceptance. I will be honest and say I can't accept certain things but the main thing I can't accept is who i killed in winter.

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Let Us Being

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 I woke up this morning. They sun was shining through the blinds on my window. Today I'm going to bury her, it'll be okay though I know it will be. She'll enjoy it more than she did knowing me.

I have regrets now and my reasons made no sense

I'm going to go outside for the first time in 4 days. I plan to pick some flowers for her, I hope she'll like them, I shall find he most pretty ones in the field. Maybe I'll buy her something too. 

 I found some pretty flowers and i didn't have enough money to buy anything

 I'm going to stay inside for a couple of days, I feel safer in there and there aren't lots of strange people who I've never met before there. Here, at home I can be at peace when I accept it

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