That Girl


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Chapter 1

 My alarm clock rings its death tune, drilling it through my ears and making me and my brain register that I need to get up. 

'Alexandra, get your cheap ass down here now!' 

That's my mom.

As you can see we have a beautiful healthy relationship. But she does make me waffles so we're good and all that. I chuck on black jeans and a dark crop top (darker than my soul) some boots with heels (yes I do wear them as I am quite short) a flower patterned bomber jacket and my favourite slapback. 

I sprinted downstairs and threw myself into my chair so hard I would have toppled backwards and hit my head had it not been for sturdy callused hands that caught my chair in time. My mom clicked her tongue at me and went to grab some washing.

"Hey, sis, be more careful, ok?"

"Yeah, whatever Carson," I groaned. 

Perks of being the older twin is that you get to boss younger one (A.K.A me) around. I know, it really sucks.

I moaned as the buttery crisp waffles melted in my mouth but there was something missing. My devil was perched on one side of me and the angel was gliding across. Don't do it my angel cried. DO IT, MY DEVIL SCREAMED. Well, why the hell not?

I walked to the fridge and got the whipped cream and sprayed it into my mouth. It was heaven.

Unfortunately that was the exact moment when my mum came in and screamed.


Oh crap I'm in for some deep shit now.

I swallowed painfully in shock and the waffles' sugar caught on my throat and I threw up the cream and waffles that was in my mouth on Carson. Whoops. 

I waved a hand in mock apology and chuckled at his outraged look and my mom's shocked one.

As I said, my family is literally goals.

I wiped off a smidgen of cream on his nose and licked it off of my finger. Mmmm that was good.

I properly looked at my brother's pissed face and my mom, well, instead of being mad, she was just silently cracking up. 

I decided that I should abandon my plans for asking Carson to give me a ride and grabbed my skateboard in our porch. 

I then crouched, sped up with my foot and stood up and luckily speeded away as Carson came to the door covered in my mouths' contents and yelled, 

"Oh Alex? This war just got real. And you also owe me for saving your ass this morning!"

Then my mom appeared and bellowed even louder than my twin,

"If you still want to be alive by tonight, buy me more whipped cream Alexandra!"

As I mock saluted I thought to myself, oh boy, am I in for a lot of trouble.

Ok, so I know this chapter is random but I needed a funny ice breaker beginning. I promise this book will get better as I write more. 

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