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Blood Donation is Life Donation

   "Blood Donation Is Life Donation"

      Blood. It is such a simple five lettered word that doesn't hold much importance in our life, right? Wrong. This word, that most of us take for granted, might sound simple, but without it, no human or animal can survive. We may think- it is a mere liquid, so, how could it possibly be that important? After all, we have many precious organs like heart, brain, lungs, kidney, liver, etc. that do the job of keeping us alive. Again, if we think likejj that, we would be wrong. Without blood, the organs that we deem as so precious and important can't function, as blood is the substance that carries nutrients, oxygen and other important things to the various organs of our body. Blood is one of the determinants of our life, or, to put it simply, blood carries the capacity to give or take life of people. Without blood in our body, neither would I have written this essay, nor you, dear reader, would be reading it, because we all would be dead. Well, if our body was made to function without blood, then maybe we wouldn't, but since, our body is suited to do it's activities with the help of blood, it is impossible to live without it.

      Every year, thousands of people (mainly those of developing and under-developed countries) die worldwide due to lack of blood. People need blood transfusion from time to time during different incidents. Some need it while performing their surgical procedures like operation during pregnancy while others need it because their body is incapable of producing blood cells in their body. I wasn't jesting when I wrote blood can take or give life to people. When somebody loses a large amount of blood, whether it is through a small wound or a big one, and doesn't receive adequate amount of it as soon as possible within a certain period of time, it is sure that he/she will die. In the murder or suicide cases, in which the casualty dies because of wound, it is not the wound that kills the victim, but the loss of blood. Even in other cases, it's usually the lack of blood supply to the body parts that kills the victim. The same goes for the people whose body is not able to produce blood cells or those who are not able to get blood during operation. But, in any of these cases, if the victim or patient gets adequate amount of blood at the correct time, his/her life can be saved.

      Blood is very important in life, it is justified by the paragraphs written above. It is also mentioned that lack of blood in the body can and will cause death. But, unlike various other problems in our body, this problem can be solved. How? Through blood donation. It's easy, isn't it? Well, not actually. Many people have a misconception that if they donate blood, the amount of it in their own body will decrease and cause health problems. They fail to understand, due to lack of public awareness, that if we are healthy, our body produces blood itself and if we donate our blood to the one who needs it, it will keep our body healthy, and also save the life of a person. 

    Blood donation is a significant contribution that a person can make in his/her life. It has saved the lives of many and will continue to do so even in the future. The importance of blood and its donation in life is not something that can be erased or forgotten easily. A human can live without one kidney, hands, legs, eyes, ears, one lung, spleen, some reproductive organs, stomach and some other part of his/her body, but not without blood. That's how important blood is. Without blood, humans and animals cease to exist and there will be imbalance in the nature, until other organisms capable to exist even in the absence of blood in their body are formed. Without blood, nothing and no one is possible. Hence, "Blood Donation Is Life Donation". 

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