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The loner


I was walking home from school one day and I past this park on my way. I always walk past this park but today I saw someone sitting on the hill in there. From what I saw it was a boy with black hair . I wasn't sure because it was getting dark. He was breathing in to his hand for warmth. It looked like he was wearing my school uniform. 

The next day when I went to school I saw him. He was getting his stuff out his locker. I was so busy looking at him that I wasn't watching where I was going. "Oww." I said as I bumped into someone. I drooped  my books and fell down. "Sorry Amy I'm late for class." I looked back to see my friend Ken running down the hall. "It ok." I said with a wave. He waved back and kept going. I started to pick up my books. I went to pick up one and someone else grabbed it. I looked up to see the boy with black hair. "Thanks." I said as I took it from him. Looking at him up close I noticed how handsome he was. "No problem." He said as he handed me the rest. "I'm Amy." I said. "Shane." He said. "Nice to met you. I haven't seen you here before." I said. " I just transferred here two days ago." He said. "Oh what class do you have now?" I asked. "History but I forgot where it is." He said. "I have history to so I'll show you." I said. "Ok thanks." He said. "No problem." I said. We walked to history class together. "Who was that boy who bumped into you earlier?" He asked. "Oh that was my friend Ken. He's on the football team and to be honest he's a bit of a hot head." I said. Shane smirked at that. "Well your pretty honest." He said. "I'm just saying what everyone else was thinking." I said. "I like you Amy your pretty funny." He said. "I've been told." I said. We were finally infront of the class room. "Ok we're here." I said. "Thanks for showing me." He said. "No problem Shane. Let's sit together I can help you catch up with anything you might be confused about." I said. "Ok that sounds good to me." He said with a shrug. "Alright." I said as we walked into the classroom.

We sat down next to each other as the teacher walked into the classroom as the bell rang. "We made it just in time." I said as I put my bag down. Shane did the same. "Ok today we will be doing a scavenger hunt." Mr.Alaric said. "Ugh." I groaned and rolled my eyes at another one of a teachers attempts to make school fun. Shane seemed to have noticed and gave a small smile. "Whoever finds the most history facts and knows the answers to them will get a homework pass." Everyone started to whisper. "Break into groups of twos and we will head out." Mr.Alaric added. I was about to ask Shane if he wanted to be partners but when I looked over a bunch of girls were already asking him. He looked over whelmed. With his looks I expected him to be used to all the girls. I decided to save him. I pushed past all the girls and stood infront of him. "Hey Shane wanna be my partner?" I asked with a wink. He looked relieved. "Sure." He said with a node. All the girls cleared out of the way. As I walked with him I felt them glaring holes into my back. I really didint care. I'm not the type to throw myself at boys. I don't like everybody I think is cute. All the groups walked out to the yard of the school grounds. "Ok everybody lets get started." Mr.Alaric said. 

That's how Shane and I became friends

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