The Seize


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The Seize

Book 1

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Chapter 1

I was in the hall watching CNN. "An asteroid struck Earth yesterday at 0316 hours in Manly, Australia," exclaimed the reporter, "One of the researchers of ASA (Australian Space Agency) said that it's just a space rock which was pulled towards the Earth due to its gravity."

Guess what, the asteroid struck, just eight blocks from my house. I was very interested though. Let me introduce myself. I am Rorke Williams and I'm a 14-year-old teen with a great passion of the outer verse (space). My family umm... It's not there anymore. Me and my family which consisted of my dad, mum, and an elder brother; we were in our Volvo XC90. The useless driver just slept in between the journey to our way back home from the airport.

The car veered left and flip-flopped a well six times and then it dropped somewhere; I don't remember shit. I opened my eyes to see my mum and my dad and that moron (the driver) lay dead beside me. I had a severe leg sprain, elsewhere I was fine. The most prevalent thing stunned me was my brother was nowhere. I was just there cursing beyond my limit.

I never cried over the death of my family though, but I used to miss them. I felt lonely and empty sometimes but now it was fine. My best friend Julie always broke the loneliness whenever she used to come home for giving me lunch. For dinner, I used to go to her house which was just adjacent to mine.

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Chapter 2

My dad was an Astronomer in ASA. He had a laboratory in the basement of our house. Now it’s mine. I love to know about the other alien worlds beyond Earth as I said before.

It was a fine Monday morning, the vacations had just ended and kids were up and going to the worst place on Earth ‘The School'. I went to ‘Manly Vale Public School'. The name of the school was really shitty but was well-disciplined school. I liked that thing there the most.

I was on the bus sitting in the corner listening to Calum Scott – You Are The Reason. I was so into the song that I didn't even notice that Julie was sitting near me now. She slowly kept her head on my shoulder and went to sleep. It was 0600 hours and we were heading to school. The school timings were really atrocious.

We passed through the site where the asteroid struck. The government just left it there as it was a monument. To my shock, there was something glowing near the asteroid. It was a reddish glow. It felt unusual and put me into a thought which was when Julie interfered in my thoughts.

She woke up a minute ago. "Why are you so quiet today?" she asked. I had nothing to say. Then I explained to her about the unusual thing about the asteroid. "You are the best guy; I have met in my entire life." She exclaimed. I started laughing. Ryan, my best friend who was sitting behind us was listening to the complete conversion that we were having.

He started teasing Julie. She just kept blushing. I overlooked them and went back to my music world. Now it was playing Perfect by Ed Sheeran. For some reason, whenever I used to listen to this song I remembered Julie who was just beside me.

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