The Seize


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The Seize

Book 1

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Chapter 1

I was in the lobby viewing CNN. "A space rock struck Earth yesterday at 0316 hours in Manly, Australia," shouted the correspondent, "One of the analysts of ASA (Australian Space Agency) said that it's only a space shake which was pulled towards the Earth because of its gravity."

Think about what, the space rock struck, only eight squares from my home. I was extremely intrigued however. Give me a chance to present myself. I am Rorke Williams and I'm a 14-year-old teenager with an extraordinary passion of the external verse (space). My family umm... It's not there any longer. Me and my family which comprised of my father, mum, and a senior sibling; we were in our Volvo XC90. The pointless driver just rested in the middle of the trip to our way back home from the airplane terminal.

The auto veered left and flip-slumped a well six times and after that it dropped some place; I don't recollect shit. I opened my eyes to see my mum and my father and that nitwit (the driver) lay dead adjacent to me. I had a serious leg sprain, elsewhere I was fine. The most common thing shocked me was my sibling was nowhere. I was simply there reviling past my point of confinement.

I never cried over the demise of my family however, yet I used to miss them. I felt desolate and void some of the time however now it was fine. My closest companion Julie constantly broke the depression at whatever point she used to get back home for giving me lunch. For supper, I used to go to her home which was only adjoining mine.

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Chapter 2

My father was an Astronomer in ASA. He had a research centre in the storm cellar of our home. Presently it's mine. I like to think about the other outsider universes past Earth as I said previously.

It was a fine Monday morning, the get-aways had quite recently finished and kids were up and heading off to the most exceedingly terrible place on Earth 'The School'. I went to 'Manly Vale Public School'. The name of the school was extremely shitty yet was all around disciplined school. I preferred that thing there the most.

I was in the transport sitting in the corner tuning in to Calum Scott – You Are The Reason. I was so into the melody that I didn't see that Julie was sitting close me now. She gradually kept her head on my shoulder and rested. It was 0600 hours and we were making a beeline for school. The school timings were extremely atrocious.

We went through the site where the space rock struck. The legislature simply left it there as it was a landmark. To my stun, there was something gleaming close to the space rock. It was a rosy gleam. It felt bizarre and place me into an idea which was when Julie meddled in my considerations.

She woke up a moment back. "Why are you so quiet today?" she inquired. I didn't have anything to state. At that point I disclosed to her about the irregular thing about the space rock. "You are the best person; I have met in all my years." She shouted. I began chuckling. Ryan, my closest companion who was sitting behind us was tuning in to the total conversation that we were having.

He began prodding Julie. She simply continued becoming flushed. I neglected them and returned to my music world. Presently it was playing Perfect by Ed Sheeran. For reasons unknown, at whatever point I used to tune in to this melody I recollected Julie who was simply close to me.

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