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"Travis, could you explain to me the reason for the fall of the Aztec empire?" the history teacher asked, probably glaring at me through her thick glasses.

"Huh?" I muttered, dropping the pen I had been twirling. I wasn't oblivious to the Stares I was getting. The whole class was practically drilling holes in my head.

"The Aztecs Travis, you know about them don't you?" Miss Smith continued clearly enjoying herself. I glared at her briefly. How dare she pick me! That's what teachers always do, pick someone who clearly doesn't know jack of what their talking about. I directed my attention to the other students, I couldn't give the teach the satisfaction of my glare. They turned away quickly. I could feel a smirk starting to take form on my lips, nobody wanted to get on Travis Witham's bad side.

"Actually I don't." I said in a matter of fact tone, playing with the blond bangs in front of my eyes. I don't know it, so kick me.

"That's all I had to hear." Miss Smith said folding her arms over her chest. She smiled briefly as she adjusted her glasses.

"Class page 56, exercise 3" Miss Smith blurted afterwards. I frowned at her. Am I really getting away with that so easily? I don't particularly trust Miss Smith, she's probably the devil's incarnate. I shrugged. Whatever, I'm finding out soon enough.

Class was particularly slow, or maybe it was just me. I couldn't help wondering about what happened earlier with Miss Smith. Is she really going to let me go like that? I wondered throughout class. Hum, what could be her worst comeback?

Maybe a note to my parents? Been there, done that.

Detention? A possibility.....

The bell for the next period rang not too long after. I hesitantly packed my books. I knew something was coming, I could feel it. Maybe if I just hurried along she'll forg...


I knew it.

"You're going to be tutored by Alexander." Miss Smith said, adjusting her glasses before giving me a firm look. I seriously don't know what she has against me. Okay, scrap the late assignments and cockiness in class and you'll realize I was just fine.

"I know you think you don't need it, but your failing hopelessly." Miss Smith continued, arranging the stack of report sheets on her table. I frowned, I wasn't failing. I'm getting straight C's here. I thought as I rolled my eyes. I wasn't particularly concerned about being tutored, I could easily scare whatever wimp was assigned to me but the name fit in my mind oddly... who the hell's Alexander?

"By the way, his not one of those you just scare away." Miss Smith said as she gave me an accusing look. You see, this is why I hate History, the teacher knows way too much.

"I don't scare them." I said, trying to develop some sort of comeback.

Hey, I actually don't scare them I just glare at them.

"Sure you don't." Miss Smith said sarcastically as she rolled her eyes. She's a smart teach, I'll give her that.

"I want you here after school to meet Alexander, and no excuses." she said, handing me a late pass for my next class.


I handed over the late slip to the Chemistry teacher before settling down beside Jasper.

"Hey mate." Jasper half whispered. His head was bent over his notes, and his bangs made a curtain over his eyes.

"Don't hey me." I grimaced, still annoyed from history class. Why did she have to be so nosy?

"What happened?" Jasper asked, raising his head to look at me, his pale green eyes piercing my green ones.

"Miss Smith happened." I said in a matter of fact tone. Jasper just sighed.

"What now, Detention?" Jasper asked curiously as he bent over his work again.

"No, she said I need tutoring." I said, annoyance kicking in at full speed.

"Look at the bright side; you get to come for practice at least." Jasper said. I shrugged. The coach was already accustomed to me missing practice due to detention already. Soccer isn't even that difficult. You're just kicking a ball around.

"Who is it this time?" Jasper asked a little above a whisper.

"Some Alexander dude." I said, picking up a pen when I noticed I was getting a warning glare from the teacher.

"Alexander?" Jasper asked confused. I know right, I didn't know the guy either.

"I know, I have no idea who that is too." I said scribbling nonsense to make it look like I was taking notes.

Class was a drag. And when the bell went for lunch I sprang up from my seat with a 'hallelujah!'. Sure Jasper gave me the 'you're embarrassing me look' but I didn't care at the moment. Lunch was the only period I got to see most of the gang.

"How are we even friends?" Jasper whined as he rolled his eyes. Jasper could be so unbelievable. Sometimes, I wonder how he even got on the team, he's such a sissy.

It didn't take too long to get to the cafeteria. Our usual table was occupied with our friends. Most of them were wearing their team jerseys and the girls their cheer outfits. The girls that hung around without outfits were mostly some of our pals' girlfriends.

"Hey." Jasper said, falling into his seat as I took the one next to him.

"Hey." Samantha said eyes still glued to her blackberry as she occasionally bit her lip in concentration. Her dark hair was neatly pulled in a long ponytail behind her head. 'Course she's hot, but she's hyper crazy too. Her phone is basically her life line; take it from here and you die.

"Hey. Travis, we're meeting right after school today. We need to plan that sick party we're throwing on Friday." Jonah said, receiving a few approving nods from the members on the table.

"Yeah about that..." I trailed. I'm not really proud about the amount of time I get detention okay? Ignore my attitude and you'll see it really isn't my fault most times.

"He has to meet his tutor after school." Jasper blurted out. I glared at him. He's not my mouth piece!

"Not again dude! Who is it this time?" Jonah sighed as he ruffled his short chestnut hair that was almost military style. I think his dad made him have it trimmed so short all the time. You know, kind of comes with having a general as a dad... I think.

"Some Alexander dude." I blurted afterwards shrugged uninterested. I really didn't want to talk about this now.

"Did you say Alexander?" Samantha asked lowering her phone for the first time since we arrived. Is this some sort of lunch miracle?

"Yeah, Miss Smith said..."Travis trailed has Samantha cut him short.

"Miss Smith?" Samantha said her eyes widening.

"Yeah the history teacher." I said, rolling my eyes. Samantha has always being overly dramatic. It was just going to be some nerd.

"Keep your panties in a bunch Sam, it's just some nerd." Jasper said making the table erupt in chuckles. He totally read my mind. Is it me, or am I the only one that considers that theft?

"His not just some nerd," Samantha started, poking her pink painted finger on Jasper's chest.

"He's the crazy one that happens to be Miss Smiths' nephew." Samantha said, still trying to bore a whole in jasper's chest.

"Don't you dare let Miss Smith force you into this Travis! heck I'll be your tutor!" Samantha insisted, her baby blue eyes widening with terror.

"Don't be silly Sam, he's just some dude. Besides you couldn't even tutor a burger". I said, making Sam shake her head violently. I got to admit, she looks hella cute when she does that.

"No, no, no! Remember Casey was the nurse's assistant last year? She said his folder had prescribed medications for bipolar disorder and sociopathic behaviors." Samantha whined clearly not happy we were all ignoring her.

"Piff, I can handle myself, beside all you girls do is gossip. I'd probably have to check the weather myself if one of you said good day" I said ignoring the frown Sam was wearing.

"Don't say I didn't tell you." Sam said as she stuck out her tongue and returned her attention to her phone.

'Girls' I thought rolling my eyes.


The whole class erupted in murmurs as the last bell for class went. I groaned, realizing I still had to follow up on this tutor.

"Sorry Bro, but it has to be done." Jasper said, patting my shoulder reassuringly. I hate when he does that. I am not some girl.

"Whatever." I said brushing Jasper's hand away. History wasn't too far from my last class. A few turns and I'll be there in no time.

"Nice of you to join us Travis." Miss Smith said, adjusting her glasses ass I walked in.

"Us?" I asked, rising my brow in confusion. The class was empty. okay wait, there some dark-haired boy seated at the far back of the class who's probably Alex .I noticed his hoddie was a little too big for him. He had his head bent over a book probably some novel.

"Alexander." Miss Smith called as the dark haired boy raised his gaze to me. I froze, I hadn't seen any one with eyes like that. Alexander's eyes were like dip puddles of chocolate. They held a hint of boredom but I wondered what they looked like smiling.....panting........ Okay, PG thoughts Travis, PG thoughts. Don't get me wrong I am not, I repeat I am not Gay.

"Travis Alexander, Alexander Travis." Miss Smith introduced us briefly delivering me from my thoughts.

"I'll leave you two to it." Miss Smith said, exiting the class room with her handbag slung over her shoulder.

"So..." I started trying to sport conversation. Thanks a lot, sure leave me here with some mentally ill psycho. Okay I would never admit it out loud, but Samantha's warning was nudging at me. Alexander just stared at me briefly before retrieving a pair of geeky glasses form the table in front of him. I watched as Alexander carefully wiped them clean with his sleeves before putting them on.

"Are you just going to stand there?" Alexander asked me while retrieving a few notes from his bag propped on the floor. I raised a brow. Alexander didn't sound like a wimp at all in fact his voice held some unknown elegance and grace to it...again, not homo.

"Well?" Alexander asked frowning at me now. I realized I was still at the door. I shrugged and made my way to the seat beside him. I moved my seat to the side so I was directly facing him.

"If you don't mind I always take a couple of tests before I start tutoring to know how I might approach the tutee." Alexander said, holding a clip board to his chest.

"Sure." I shrugged. Better to get over with it in the first sitting I guess.

"What is your name?" Alexander asked.

Wait am I deaf? What kind of stupid question is that? I don't know what his thinking but am clearly not going to answer that.

"Just answer it." He blurted, head still bent over clipboard when he realized I clearly wasn't going to.

"Travis..." I said nonchalantly.

"Wrong. Doesn't know his name." Alexander mouthed as he scribbled on his clip board. Wait did I hear what I just heard? My name is Travis! What else could it be?! Is he intentionally trying to pick a fight?

"What? My name's Travis." I said, annoyance sipping into my tone. Okay, maybe he didn't hear me right.

"No, it's Travis James Witham." Alexander countered earning an eye roll from me. He can't be serious right? Alex winked briefly at me. Wait he winked at me? Somehow this was making my insides act all funny. I looked up at him trying to attempt a glare that suppressed shamefully as I stared at Alexander's right eye; observing the beauty mark just above it. Wait is that normal for guys?

"Fag." I managed to blurt out, blushing at my thoughts.

"Fag in what sense? The end of a cigarette, a bundle of bread, a message boy in a British boarding school or that immature slang used by bigots?" Alexander asked, half of which I clearly couldn't comprehend.

"Impaired use of words." Alexander finally mouthed after the brief silence before he scribbled onto his clipboard some more. Okay, that's the last straw. I though frowning. I didn't sign up for this. I didn't sign up for it at all! because Miss Smith arranged for this didn't give the twat in front of me the right to insult me. Come on, his wounding my pride here!

"Fucker." I stupidly countered. Yes, I will admit that was stupid.

"Last time I checked that wasn't a word." Alex said tilting his head to the side, a smirk taking form on his face. Okay this kid is too corky. Now, if I could just punch him in the face...

"Limited vocabulary." Alex murmured as he scribbled away. I rolled my eyes. Alex is going to be a pain in the butt alright. This twat is feeling way too smart with himself.

"Nerd Alert." I said.

Okay, whatever my reactions are, I blame the fact that I didn't expect Alex to look up at me with an amused smirk.... it was superficially beautiful... don't judge me it was. Why is it now I'm suddenly remembering Samantha's words? Were crazy people meant to be attractive? I thought fully aware I was sinking into Alex's puddles of chocolate he called eyes.

Alex suddenly bent over his clipboard.

Come on, I was enjoying the view. I whined in my head. Yes whined, Jasper's rubbing off on me...

"Lousy comebacks..." Alexander mouthed as he scribbled away.

Okay... I didn't see that coming.


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Chapter 1


"You're late."

I heard Alexander say as I walked into the empty history classroom. I met his 'you're wasting my time.' look with a glare. After a week of this ridiculous tutoring you'd think he'd have learnt some respect.

"Did you do the revision exercises I gave you?" Alexander asked as I dropped the grey ageing rucksack that had been weighting me down next to the desk.

"The assignment?" Alexander asked, his eyes no leaving the Sydney Sheldon book he was reading.

"Err..." I trailed. Okay, so what if I didn't do it? Procrastination is the only subject I excel in anyway.  Alexander finally looked up from his book, his brown eyes giving me a not too impressed look.

"You didn't do it, did you?" Alexander asked partially closing the book with a sigh. He continued reading the book, completely ignoring me. I just awkwardly stood there, before deciding to take a sit beside him. We usually sat like this for about ten minutes before he decided to close whatever shit he was reading.

"What are you reading now?" I asked out of boredom. The metal sits aren't exactly comfortable and it's bad enough the clock is the only thing making a noise in here.

"Something you won't be able to comprehend." Alex said flipping to the next page. There's something about the aura that surrounds him. It's like a 'back of' replant if that makes sense. His brown not too lengthy hair fell around his face like a lion's mane. The Dark blue turtle neck sweater didn't seem so necessary under the moderate weather conditions. I shook my head feeling a bit weird. I don't like the fact this Alexander kid keeps messing around with my trail of thought.

"Master of the game." I heard Alexander say under his breath.

"What?" I said confused.

"You wanted to know the name of the book, didn't you?" Alexander sighed.

"Oh," I muttered, trying to forget the reason I hadn't been paying attention.

"Okay, what's it in history today?" He asked finally closing and putting the book away. Piling it on top of the books he had set aside on the wooden table.

"You're in my grade you should know." I stated feeling a bit irritated, he does ask the most annoying of questions.

"Yes I am but I took 12th grade history in the 11th grade so I don't have take history. so, what was the topic today?" He asked again.

"The roman empire...I think..." I trailed, trying to think back on today's class.

"You think?" Alexander asked, eyes widening in disbelief.

"Um, yeah." I said, running my hand through my short hair. Okay, maybe I wasn't listening, maybe I was texting, you tubing... you get the point. Alexander smacked his forehead, muttering under his breath.

"I'll ask her for the scheme later, for now let's just learn a little on the Romans and hope it's the correct topic." Alexander said, reaching out for his clipboard...why does he carry that thing around?

"What do you think is most interesting about the Romans?" He asked biting the bottom of his pen, the sleeve of his sweater falling down a bit. He sure is pale...

"Travis." Alexander said sharply.

"Sorry, damn." I said, shaking my head. I need to stop zoning out like this, maybe ask him to wear a paper bag over his head?

"Their army and political influence." I said, actually remembering something from class. Alexander gave me a surprised look then smiled.

"You know what I like best about them?" He asked, turning to face me, bringing his feet on top of his seat before hugging his legs to himself. I shook my head playing along.

"...Their addiction with lead. Lead. It was like an addiction, a need. The Romans knew the intake and use if lead was deadly, even the god of lead was associated with madness, but what did they use to pave their streets with? Lead. What did they use to sweeten their wine? Lead. What did they use to make their water pipes? Lead! Can you believe it? It probably caused the fall of their whole civilization..." and I didn't really grasp the rest. I was busy staring at his face. His eyes were lit up oddly, in a good way. He was smiling...enjoying himself...I've never seen Alex smile.

"Travis?" Alexander called. I blinked sitting up. Alex covered his mouth chuckling...chuckling.

"Let's continue shall we?" He asked reaching out for the textbook that was open in front of me.


"Shit." I murmur coming barging out from the history class.

"Shit as in what..."

"Don't start that!" I said firmly. It was bad enough the halls were empty, meaning we over did this 'study time'. I didn't need Alexander feeling smart with me.

"Same time tomorrow." Alexander said, brushing past me and into the hallway. He didn't even feel bothered by its emptiness.

"Wait!" I yelled making Alexander stop in his tracks.

"How are you going to go home?" I asked, remembering he usually took the bus. He shrugged looking straight at me.

"I have two legs, so I'll walk the distance." Alexander said, turning away. I debated whether or not I should let him walk the distance or I should give him a lift in my car. I shook my head surprised I even thought of that. I sighed walking to my locker, Samantha was having another get together tomorrow at the mall, typical. At least it's not one of those her outrageous parties, just a get together at noon, school on Fridays always ended earlier.

"I could proclaim myself a sprinter if that's your regular pace on a normal day." I heard Alexander's voice say as I walked down the hall. I stopped narrowing my eyes at him; he had already swapped his books and had a black sling bag over his shoulder that wasn't there before.

"I was...thinking." I admitted as I continued walking.

"Surprise, surprise." Alex muttered, a hint of a smile forming at his lips as he finally brushed past me. I stopped frowning. Is there an explainable reason why his contact always made me feel edgy?

I ignored it, moving towards my locker, I wasn't going to let some nerd put me on the edge. I put the combination lock before my locker swung open. It was probably too full and I might need to find another one before the end of this semester. I didn't need to change any books, just grab my car keys.

When I got my keys, I had a little struggle closing the locker, a few bangs here and there and it finally locked.

"Urg!" I sighed pulling my rucksack over my shoulders. I walked through the hall and out of the school. The weather seemed abnormally cold from this afternoon...I grimaced remembering Alex's sweater.

 'The bastard.' I thought rubbing my exposed hands, which my tee shirt couldn't handle. I paraded the parking lot in the search for my car; I always forget where I parked the God damn thing. I sighed in relief spotting it at the edge the school gate, typical of me. I walked to it, opening the doors before getting in. I immediately turned on the heater, I was desperate for anything to beat the cold.

Starting the engine I thought of Alex again, and the weird vibes he gave me...I shook my head moving the car out the school gate. Whatever he's doing I'm not going to let it get to me.  


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Chapter 2



“Heads up!” Sam screamed from the end of the stall as a bag of potato chips flew across the air.

“Hey!” I said catching it at reflex; Sam just stuck out her tongue and headed for the other stall.

“That girl is crazy” Johan said and I nodded in agreement as I stuffed the potato chips into the cart. The mall was a bit rowdy today, end of the week and all.

“We still have to get some monsters and DR. Peppers” Sam said brushing past us, her dark hair in a ponytail.

“I thought the get together was here in the mall!” Johan protested throwing his hand in the air, but Sam was already hallway across the stall.

“Damn it, where’s Jasper, Sky and Tony when you need them” Johan said messing with his bangs before proceeding to move the trolley.

“Somewhere in wall mart” I offered stopping at a shelf to pick out some packs tic-tac.

“What are you doing?” Johan asked irritation building up in his voice.

“Um, shopping” I muttered shrugging as Johan rolled his eyes. I picked out about three packs of tic-tac and a couple packs of extra chewing gum, looking up over the stall I spotted a surprisingly familiar head of dark brown hair...

“Travis, dude are you buying that or not?” Johan asked shaking my shoulder; I sort of blinked repeatedly before uttering a very confused ‘hu?’ Johan rolled his eyes before snatching the gum pack from my hand before glancing over the stall.

“Is that Alexander?” Johan asked somewhat interested.

“I guess” I said still gazing at the back of the maroon turtle neck sweater, the lion mane sort of hair hitting his shoulders as he stood on his toes to reach for something on the top shelf.

After a few minutes of staring aimlessly Johan nudged my shoulder wordlessly urging me to move.

“Come on we have to catch up with the rest” He reasoned pulling me lightly away from the shelf. I was about to follow suit before sighting some guy walk up to Alex.

“Wait!” I said shrugging Johan’s hand of my shoulder. I heard him groan behind me but I wasn’t really interested about what he thought. Still watching Alexander through the shelf, I sort of took a breath intake as he turned grinning at the guy approaching.


Alex never smiled...OK, maybe the occasional chuckle or laugh at your stupidity but he never laughed.

I think I almost lost my eyeballs when this person put his fringing arm around Alex, and Alex just smiled looking down at the jar of peanut butter in his hand.

“Err, what are we watching?” Johan asked, leaning in behind me.

“I don’t know a bunch of faggots?” I suggested scorn biting into my tone.

“I don’t know they could be brothers...” Johan reasoned, as the guy rested his dark head atop of Alex’s

“Sure...” I said sarcastically rolling my eyes.

“They could still be brothers...” Johan pondered. I watched not too convinced as the guy nuzzled Alex’s neck.

“Ok, we’re watching a bunch of faggots” heard Johan sigh behind me in defeat.

I didn’t pay attention to Johan; I just stared on at the pair. What exactly did Alex see in this guy? I mean the dark mysterious look doesn’t work anymore. The guy was in a pair of faded jeans and green sweat shirt, his dark hair was shoulder let and periodically toughed Alex’s face whenever he bent over to see what Alex was holding out to him.

“Can we go? This is getting a bit creepy” Johan asked from behind. I ignored him looking on, watching as this ‘guy’ fondled with the collar of Alex’s turtle neck.

“What are you” I heard sky say behind us as her lean weight rested on my back.

“I can’t believe his gay...”

“I can’t believe he’s smiling” I said sincerely, still watching the pair in disbelief.

“Um, guys isn’t it weird just staring?” Sky asked removing her weight from my back.

“She’s right Travis we should leave” Johan sighed behind me.

“Who said anything about leaving? I’m going to say hi” Sky mused, and that got me sharply turning around with a big ‘what?’

“You don’t have to come with me if you want to” Sky said shrugging, her curly read hair bouncing with the action.

“Uh, we’ll just wait for you here” Johan said rubbing the back of his neck.

“KK, I’ll be back in a sec” She said turning into the other stall. As she approached them, I couldn’t help playing out what exactly would happen; Alex would frown, the dude would demand who she was...all in all the shit wasn’t going to end well.

“Hey!” Sky chirped when she got close enough to them. I watched in surprise as Alex turned over still smiling and waved.

“Care to introduce me?” Sky asked, corking her head to the side as she took a good the guy. I frowned quite annoyed as Alex spoke in that stupid indoor voice as he motioned towards the guy, who took Sky’s hand and shook it vigorously. The talked for a while, the stupid guy still holding on to Alex’s hand...Is there no shame?

“Uhum” I heard someone clear their throat behind me. I frowned not so impressed by Johan’s attitude.

“Knock it of Jo” I said still looking straight at the ongoing conversation I couldn’t pick anything from.

“That’s not me...” I heard Johan trail beside me...beside me? Shit.

“Should I file you for stalking or shop lifting?” I turned to meet a mall cop face to face.


“So how was the conversation?” Johan asked. We got bailed out by Sky who explained the situation to the cop.

“Homey I guess” Sky said shrugging two shopping bags dangling from her left hand, the other hand preoccupied with texting.

“I don’t get...” Johan said flipping his bangs again...he should just cut it off if bothered him so much.

“Well he’s in my geography class, so it wasn’t as if I was exactly popping out of nowhere” Sky said chuckling a little.

“So... did he deny it?” I asked trying to get her to move to the point.

“Deny what?” Sky asked as we walked into the elevator to the top floor. We were meant to meet up with the others in the cinema upstairs, that was the get together, what we just did was Sam’s groceries-Typical.

“You know being gay” I said, turning to face the elevator mirror. I bite my lip looking straight at the blonde features looking straight at me, wasn’t this enough for Alex? I blinked at my own though; completely embarrassed at the heat I was feeling at my cheeks. 

“Well no, it’s not like I asked. He did introduce the guy as his boyfriend though” Sky said plainly as she walked out the newly opened elevator door.

“He did what?” I said sharply.

“He introduced the guy as his boyfriend, said his name was Chris and he was a literature student at the local university” Sky said waving her hand as if the conversation was irrelevant.

“So, his not hiding it?” Johan asked, his voice coming out as surprised.

“Why should he?” Sky asked as if the situation was as normal as any other.

We closed in on the crowned cinema; you’d think the cinema at the mall would be less crowded than the regular one would-wrong.

“Hey, where’ve you twerps been?” Sam asked running up to us.

“Nothing really, what movie are we watching?” Johan asked uninterested.

“We’ll I was talking to Alex, these two were watching from the corner” Sky said still texting. I almost burst out laughing at the terrified face Sam made.

“You can’t talk to that sociopath” Sam said pouncing on Sky and shaking her roughly, her phone falling to the floor.

“My phone!”

“Don’t ever talk to Alex again!” Sam threatened not quite basking in the fact she might have broken Sky’s phone.

“Get of me!” Sky said finally preying Sam of her.

“Hey! I don’t even know him that much... I just know he enjoys literature, sort of cranky in school and has a boyfriend named Chris” Sky said already all over her phone on the floor.

“Alex’s gay?” Sam asked, her features softening in interest.

Damn. Why does Sam knowing about this make me feel certain that everybody would know about this by Monday morning?

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