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Author's Note

I hope to move you

even in the littlest way.


At the very least,

for you to find joy


in the stories of a day-to-day

of just an average earthling.


Here is a huge shout-out

to the ones who bring radiance 

to my daily humdrums,


This book is for you.

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Flow state.





Get lost.





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The People

Talking Eyes


How are you?

They ask.


I look into their eyes.

and I see.


Some just want to talk.

Some are just lonely.

They need company.


Some have stories to share.




Some just ask.

For the fun of it.


Some ask,

Out of genuine love,

Out of genuine interest

Out of genuine care,

Creating the utmost powerful,



Then there are those,

who just need an outlet,

to show-off, to feel good.

They do not care.

They want to hear me say,

You're incredible.


Some ask,

because they want the tea.

They squeeze the juice out of me.

They need to know.

They must.


And some,

are in love.

Falling in love. 

Sometimes with me.


And some,

are broken.

I feel for them.



And some,

just want.


We all see.

but we pretend.


We are all guilty.


And at the same time,




Friendly faces

Muffled greetings



I hate masks


I am here



I am risking

my life to be here


Yet you say

Why such long time?


All I need

is a chocolate bar

and milk


The connection

from conversations

about nothings


We talk a whole lot

about nothing


And you tell me

I make your day



As I walk down

the hallway,


A whiff.


of Citrus,

A little of bleach.


From that,

I know.


I turn the corner,


It's him! 


He is happy,

to see me.


I am happy,

to see him.


His broken English.

My broken Spanish.


We converse.


Usually he tells me,

he is well.


Today he says,

he is not so well.


He has back pain.

He is hurting.


His eyes.

His pain hurts me.


I tell him,

take it easy.

You work too hard.


He says,

they're watching him.

He points to the ceiling.

Ah the cameras.


I tell him,

health first.


We part ways

for the day.


Leaving smiles

on each other. 


Until tomorrow.


Stephanie Chang

(where even to begin…)


Jennifer Fuksman


(feelings not translatable to words…)




Sweet Apple

Cultivating real friendships

as adults.


Nearly impossible.


After all your bites into the sour apples,

the feeling of your first bite into a sweet one.


At last!


You instantly become a teenager again.


Conversations that neither of you

are willing to put a stop to.


Late night texting.

You wish time would stop.


Endless questions

from each other,

of each other.


There are no bounds.


Being peeled off,

layer by layer.


They see right through your skin,

a sparkling soul.

Your spark lights up with theirs.


How is this human so interesting?


Where has this human been your entire life?


Got Music?

Trading sound.

The intimacy.


Hey I made you a playlist.

Listen in order! No shuffle.


She asks,

What was going through

your mind when crafting this?


I say,

I don't know - what I'm feeling now?

and the moods I want to share with you.


She sends me a Spotify playlist in response to mine,

shortly after.


Enthralled, I immediately put on my headphones.

I must really focus and be close to this special sound.


I then have the same question.

What about you? What was going through your head

when curating this?


She says,

I am feeling some type of way.. can't describe it.

Hopefully the playlist will.


I respond,

Okay. I'll just feel.


I am able to feel exactly what she meant.


and this becomes one of the best gifts I've received.





and curated


just for my ears.


8 Minutes 46 Seconds


Please be silent.




Yoga Vida


One last time.


Sharing thoughts,










We say to each other,

all I want to do is give you a big hug right now.


Don't worry.

Better hellos will greet us soon.





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