Korea Adventure


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The story

 It started where we had to go to Manila.We traveled for one hour and went to the house where my aunt and uncle lives before.We only spent a few time there.Me and my cousins watched a movie in the theater.In the night,we prepared our clothes because on One 'o clock PM was our flight to Korea so we couldn't sleep.But my aunt,uncle and their cousins had a different plane that their flight was twelve 'o clock.So we just waited in the car.It was one'o clock and we were inside the aircraft.It was three or four hours until we went there.It was freezing cold.We had to wait in this long line to scan our passports and go to the train in Busan.We saw these people who were actually our tourist guide.We went outside and took our private bus.We went to three different hotels and one of them smelled like kimchi.We went to Seoul tower,Kakao friends,and the place where there was a ton of snow.And we celebrated Christmas there too.It was finally the time where we had to come back home and I didn't want to leave.We went to Manila again and the next day we went back home. And that's all!

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