Teach Your Teenager The Law Of Attraction


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Chapter 1

Every parent wants to see their child succeed in life and grow up to become a happy and successful person. As a teen life coach, I work with many clients who struggle to understand the basic concept of how like attracts like or "The Law of Attraction".

Every teenager should learn this concept at a young age because if they are able to master it early on, it will make a dramatic difference in their lives. So many teenagers are struggling with their mental health. In fact, many recent psychological evaluations have shown that many youth are having a hard time growing up.

In a recent group discussion I held with parents and their teenagers, we discussed things such as metaphysics, mental health, psychology, and how the Law of Attraction plays a vital role in all of this. Here is what some shared:

I do believe in this on a metaphysical level. I have enough of my own experiences with it, from manifesting parking spots to thousands of dollars. Similar concept right? I do like that you present it in a more literal way though, and I agree. It would be nice if you did a "draw my life" sort of video, or maybe even one where you answer Q&As? It would be cool to hear your story. 

Well, there is a little misconception about this law of attraction. Some teenagers tend to think that focusing on things that they want will make them happen. It depends, this law it's true for things that are under some of your control, not for the ones that are totally out of your hand. For example, it might make you be able to build a better self out of you and to achieve personal goals, cause you have certain control of those kind of things. But it won't certainly help much from stopping catastrophes, cause those kind of things are out of your control.

Over the past few months I came to my own realization and belief that our thoughts really do affect the reality around us. But...until watching your video I hadn't realized how negative my thoughts still are. For years I've never let myself think too much about positive things that could happen because a part of me (stupidly) believed (in a metaphysical way) that thinking about them would decrease the chances of it happening and just leave me disappointed. So thank you very much for showing me how I can and should change my thoughts!

You already know what you have to do to get what you want, but some sort of fear or doubt causes you to procrastinate and that can cause you to psychologically and emotionally stagnate. When you have anxiety about something, the best solution is to confront it, but be consistent in doing so. Once you get over the anxieties then I believe you can really apply the law of attraction.

Since focusing just on the positive, would subconsciously affect your actions? But I do have a monkey mind, if we try not to think about the negative, our mind will try to force it. Thus i conclude that law of attraction is really dangerous because a lot of people blame their thoughts when negative things happen, and the more they try to control it, the more they cannot. Leo so my question is, when u say focus on the positive, should we think the negative first, so that we can avoid it?

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