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How to Add Signature in AOL Account

AOL is a highly efficient email service provider; they have been catering to all the needs of the users for numerous years now. AOL enjoys the customer base of over a million user all across the globe. Among the several features that they provide to the users one is the feature of adding signatures to the emails that you send. Being able to add the signature at the end of your email is a valuable aspect for marketing your business, building your brand, promoting your blog or for even providing contact information. Signature is a snippet of text which can be added to the bottom of your email. Generally, the email signature consists of your name, essential contact information, if required a link, and sometimes a quote, marketing poetry, etc. AOL also provides its user with the option of creating up to five custom signatures for their emails. The users can learn more about this feature by connecting with AOL technical support number.

How to set up email signature in AOL

If you wish to set up an email signature in AOL then you can efficiently do so by following the below-given steps:

  • Firstly, you would have to log in to your AOL email using your account credentials.
  • Then you would have to select the option of Mail, in which opt for Set Mail Signatures from the menu which is provided to you.
  • Further click on the option of ‘Create.’
  • Now you would have to give the signature that you are about to create a name which would distinguish it. This is important when you set up more than one signature there are chances that you might get confused.
  • Now you can type the desired signature text in the allotted text field.
  • You would also have the option of using Rich Text/ HTML Editing if you wish to inculcate styling to the text. You also have the option of adding images using the formatting toolbar.
  • Once you are done with all the above-given steps, click on OK to close the window.

Things to keep in mind while creating email signature content

Email signatures give you the freedom to add any information; it is essential that you focus on the crucial aspects. The content that you must give attention to is as given below:

  • Constrain the email signature to not more than five lines of text.
  • Use the Pipe symbol (|) to separate elements in an address.
  • If the signature is used for a business purpose make sure you include the company’s full address and contact information. It would be ideal for adding the company’s website link in the signature as well.
  • Whenever you feel it is applicable, include a Facebook URL.
  • It is also suggested that you include the Standard Signature Delimiter when required.
  • A personal email signature can also include social networking information or a quotation.

If the users face any issue in accurately setting up their signature for AOL email, then it is advised that they connect with AOL customer support. The professional there would give you all the required assistance on setting up the signature.

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