How to Reset AOL Email Password


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Your AOL password is the most basic security feature that protects your account and keeps your emails private. But in today’s day and age users have so many accounts and passwords they have to keep track of it is not a surprise if you just blank out one day when you are asked to enter your AOL password. AOL offers users 3 ways to verify their accounts so that they can reset their password in case they have forgotten it. If you have any trouble with the verification methods you can contact AOL technical support for more information.

Whenever you forget your AOL password you can visit the AOL homepage and enter your email address and just click ‘Forgot password’. Depending on the contact and profile information linked with your account AOL will give you three ways you can verify your identity so that you can reset the password. Just choose the most convenient way for you and follow the steps give below.

Steps to reset your AOL password using your recovery phone number

·        Step 1: Enter the phone number registered with your AOL email account

·        Step 2: Click ‘Yes’ to allow AOL to send you a verification code

·        Step 3: Enter the AOL verification code sent to you via SMS or call

·        Sent 4: Submit the code and wait for confirmation

·        Step 5: When you see the success message complete the steps to create a new password for your AOL email account

Steps to reset your AOL password using your recovery email address

·        Step 1: Go to the message that says "Do you have access to this email?"

·        Step 2: Check the email ID so AOL can send you a verification code

·        Step 3: Open a new tab to access your recovery email registered with AOL

·        Step 4: Go to the inbox and look for a mail from AOL that has your code

·        Step 5: Go back to the AOL verification page and enter the code

·        Step 6: When you receive confirmation that the code is correct just complete the subsequent instructions to reset your AOL password

Steps to reset your AOL password using your Account Security Question and profile information

·        Step 1: Click forgot the password and look for the security question

·        Step 2: Type your unique answer to the question and click ‘Verify’

·        Step 3: Enter the required AOL profile information such as name, DOB etc.

·        Step 4: When AOL verifies the information and your security answer you can go ahead and complete the steps to create a new password for your AOL email account.

Because of the constant threat of identity theft, you should make sure all your security information is updated on your AOL account. If you notice any suspicious activity or any unauthorized logins on your AOL account it indicates that your email is compromised. In these situations, you should contact AOL customer support as soon as possible to find out what you can do to secure your account. AOL experts are available 24 hours a day to give you all the necessary steps you need to keep your email account safe and secure.


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