Dealing With the Three Parts of Essay Writing


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Chapter 1

Students need to practice a lot to write an essay successfully. They cannot write a remarkable essay if they do not practice writing an essay. So, writing an essay demands two things i.e. lots of hardwork and practice. Normally, an essay is comprised of three parts i.e. introduction, the main body, and conclusion unless you are also assigned to write the bibliography for an essay. Here is how you should deal with these three parts of essay writing to write an essay:


1.      Introduction: The first part of an essay writing process is the introduction. You need to come up with a strong introduction to write an essay. Frankly speaking, if you can hook the readers in the introduction, then it is more likely that your readers will read your whole essay. So, first thing first. An introduction should have an element of interest for your readers, and in order to create an interest for your readers in the introduction, you need to come up with the attention grabber. You can begin your essay with a surprising news to create interest for your readers in the beginning of an essay. You can also commence your essay with a joke to create interest for your readers in an essay. Other two attention grabbers are that you either utilize a direct quotation or come up with a question to create readers’ interest in your essay. You will need to yield background information after you have successfully utilized one of the four attention grabbers in an essay. Thesis statement is the last sentence of your introduction, and it should clarify your point of view about the essay topic to the readers.


2.      The Main Body: If you have successfully hook the readers in an introduction, then it is very likely that the readers will read the main body of your essay. So, you will not have to effort too much while writing the main body. The main body of an essay is comprised of body paragraphs that may vary depending on the length of an essay. For instance, if you have to write an essay of 400 words, then it is very likely you are going to write a 5 paragraph essay, and then your body paragraphs will ideally be three. Each of your body paragraphs should begin with a topic sentence. Topic sentences of your body paragraphs should be followed by the supporting sentences. Transition sentences are the key elements for writing an essay, as they link different ideas altogether, so you should use words like ‘incidentally’, ‘furthermore’, ‘however’ in an essay body. Lastly, in each of your body paragraphs; you will need an evidence or an example or a reason to support your point of view.


3.      The Conclusion: Conclusion is your last chance to impress your readers; therefore, it should also be strong just like the introduction. You will be summarizing your findings in the conclusion, and you will conclude your essay by restating your thesis statement and making readers agree with your viewpoint.


Do not you think that you can come up with a fruitful essay if you practice writing the three sections of an essay? If you practise writing the three sections of an essay, then it is very likely that you will never need to ask any essay writing service : Can you do my essay fast? Will you do my essay?


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