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Her Rain


Rain pounds against the roof,

Each drop makes her heart ache with longing.

She bites her lip to hold back painful tears. 

Her room grew darker with each passing moment.


The clouds grow thick 

As the rain thudded against the roof and ground. 

The ground was soaked

And the trees reach up desperately for the rain. 


The young girl snuck her way outside. 

The moon was cloaked 

By dreadful clouds looming over her head. 


As rain began to caress her skin,

The ghost of a smile crossed her lips.

She let out a soft sigh. 


Rain drenched her dark hair.

Her green eyes lightened as her longing became feeling. 

Her arms spread out 

Letting the rain soak the remnant of her skin.


She ventured farther 

Towards the woods,

Her flowing white dress clinging to her skin. 


Soft, wet grass caressed the exposed skin o her legs. 

The smile almost reaching her eyes. 

The rain fell faster and thicker as seconds passed. 

Another sigh escaped her lips. 


She stopped just before the line of trees,

Her eyes closed as she took in a deep breath,

Almost as if to prepare herself. 


A minute passed...


Her deep green eyes shot open

And she dashed into the trees, 

As her legs carried her through the trees,

Her smile instantly reached her eyes. 


For the first time in awhile

She felt alive. 


Mud splashed along the bottom edges of the white dress. 

Rain continued to pour down

Through gaps in the tree tops. 


Her heart hammered against her chest

And her breath picked up.

Adrenaline coursed through her veins. 


She ran and ran

Until she collapsed on the ground

And the rain began to decease. 


She was in a small clearing in the forest. 

Her bright green eyes looked to the sky.

Her dark hair clung to her pale skin. 

The moon shined brightly through a gap in the clouds. 

The girl just smiled... 

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Strong Will

A girl tall and slender

Stood in the pooling water of the lake.

Her eyes a somber hazel.


Her hands were clenched at her sides.

Her knees shaking. 


The water lapped at her bare legs.

Her dark dress 

Hanging just below her knees. 


She shivered as the icy, breeze caressed her skin. 

The water felt like needles

But she stood stock still. 


The sky darkened

The world around her coming to life.

The stars and the moon lighting the sky.

The water glistened with moon light.


Hazel eyes stared lovingly at the moon.

Her fists tightened and her knees gave way. 

Water splashed onto her skin

And lapped around her upper torso. 


Her hair was soaked,

The dress was drenched,

And her heart ripped into pieces. 


She took the pain,

Letting it rip through her.

She as she crumbled away inside. 


All her hope was drowned in the lake

As she sat broken 

In the soft waves of the water. 


Her hands clenched her chest. 

Her eyes squeezed shut. 

Her legs numbing in the freezing water.


So much pain

Without a tear shed. 

So much will

Through the agony. 


A heart drenched in hopeless agony,

Saved only by the will of her soul. 

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A young man

Stands in the openness of a meadow.

Tall grass softly touches the skin of his tan legs.

His shaggy black hair hung loosely from his head.

His eyes burn with longing

As he pictured her pale face,

Dark amber burning with somber flame. 


He could picture her in front of him.

Her hazel eyes would burn a deep hazel.

Her pale skin would look ghostly

Against the darkness of her hair.

She would be dressed in a simple, sleeveless black dress.

Each thread made from the softest silk.


With the clouds

Spreading across the sky above,

He could just imagine the longing in her hazel eyes.

Her long for rain.


As the rain began to pound against his skin,

He fell to his knees.

His heart ached in his chest. 


Each breath was more painful than the last.

Each raindrop more heart wrenching. 

Tears fell from his eyes. 

As his longing grew too much for him to bear.


Just as all hope was lost,

The rain began to pound mercilessly

Against the earth. 


A soft whisper caressed her ear.

His breath hitched in his throat.

His hair stuck to his face.

His eyes burning a light amber. 


Her voice echoed against the rain.

His auburn eyes looked up to meet those of hazel.

His heart beat harder against his chest. 


His hands cupped her face.

Both their tears mixed with the rain. 


Her eyes were somber,

More green than sapphire.

He pulled her against him

Letting a sob escape his chest.


His ache no longer existed. 

He whispered gentle words in her ear. 

As she let out a shaky breath. 


But as the rain dissipated

She began to disappear.

He looked at her with passionate eyes

As she whispered, "I love you."


As she disappeared fully,

His heart broke instantly,

The fiery ache returning once more.  


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Frightful Dreams

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Untouchable Love

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Fading Away...

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