After backsliding from witchcraft for several years following her marriage to a normal human named James, Scarlett finds that not much in her life is normal. Because of James she is chased by a jealous master vampire and an incubus who proves to be more than he appears. Scarlett is from a line of ancient witches, and to protect herself...

A Fast Pony

A prologue to The Outlaw Series by Sandra Hall. A young Veronica is held captive by the awful cutthroat bandit Dirty Dick. She prays to wake up from her nightmare but discovers the only way out is to think fast and hit hard.

Come Back For Me

An elderly woman loses everything she values in life, but holds on to the love of her departed husband for comfort, and then finds she is ready to give up after a heart breaking blow from her family.

Cherries in the snow

Andrea is a teenager. This is her last year at school and she wants to go to college somewhere out of town because what kind of a teenager would she be if she did not want to move out? She feels the emotions of others as intensely or more than her own. Andrea has had this capability since she can remember herself and her grandmother...