The Institutions with High Acceptance Rates That You Should Be Aware Of


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The Institutions with High Acceptance Rates That You Should Be Aware Of

Thinking About Joining College?

When you get to your final years of high school, the university starts to hit your mind. You now begin to think about the next education level and which institution will suit you best. As much as your grades may be excellent, you have to know which colleges will easily accept you.

Not all institutions of higher learning have high acceptance rates, and you might be wasting your energy writing student applications to some of them. Apart from high school learners, individuals willing to transfer to other colleges should also be aware of the places where their applications will be successful if at all they meet the necessary requirements.


Do I have a Chance?

Looking at the sites of available colleges as you try to figure out if they will accept your application is not fun. It also wastes a lot of time which can be put to put better use. Most institutions even have hidden fees which most people fail to discover until it is too late.

Instead of wandering around like a lost puppy, you can take a look at this list of institutions where you can easily enroll. Also, note that most campuses will require that you write an essay illustrating your personality and why you are interested in the institution.

If you are not well versed in this area, you can talk to any writer or your mentors on it. You can also seek help online. Read review and testimonials if ‘is trustworthy’ question cannot leave your mind. An amazing first impression is what you need to enter those campus gates.


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Institutions with High Acceptance Rates

1.    City University of New York

Located at Staten Island, the campus can be an excellent choice for you. There are forty-two bachelor’s degrees, twenty-four master courses, seven associate courses, and two doctoral programs. The acceptance rate here is also a hundred percent. The application subscription is sixty-five dollars while the annual tuition payment is thirty-two thousand fours and fifty-one dollars.

2.    Cameron University

Talk about a university with a one hundred percent acceptance rate! Located in Lawton, Cameron University offers countless programs including masters and bachelor’s degrees. The largest campus in entire southwest Oklahoma will only charge you $20 as application fee. The tuition is approximately $16,162.

3.    Colorado State University

The global college allows you to study several programs including Bachelor of Science in Human Services, Bachelor of Science in Communication, Bachelor of Science in Information Technology, and Bachelor of Science in Health care Administration and Management.

The campus, which has a rate of 97%, has been accepting people with twelve college credits combined with GPA of or above 2.30. Those that fail to meet these requirements can still be allowed if they submit a professional resume, statement of purpose or take a test for smartness.

4.    Granite State College

Картинки по запросу Granite State College

The Concord campus has five associate courses, twenty-seven courses, and four master programs. If you are one of those people who mind their dimes, this is the institution for you. Here, there is no application fee. The yearly tuition is also not high. It sums up to $10,545. The rate here is 100%.

5.    Utah Valley University

The Orem university has sixty-five bachelor courses and eighty-five associate degree courses. With an application fee of thirty-five dollars and an annual fee of six thousand seven hundred and two dollars, you can count on this university. Its acceptance rate is a hundred percent.

6.    The University of Maine at Augusta

Found in the state of main, The University of Maine at Augusta offers twenty programs that will enable you to join a higher institution of learning, forty-two minor courses, eleven associate programs, around forty certificate courses as well as seven post-baccalaureate courses.

For the application, you are supposed to pay a fee of $40 which can be at times waived for those that are needy. Annually, the tuition fee sums up to $9,188. With this institution, the acceptance rate is 96%.

7.    Edinboro University of Pennsylvania

The institution with a 95% acceptance rate offers forty-six bachelor course, seven associate programs, twenty masters courses as well as a customer service management course. When registering here, you will have to pay a fee of 30 for the application. The yearly tuition fee is $23,151.


Картинки по запросу Edinboro University of Pennsylvania

To sum up, you will discover that some institutions like Harvard which has high regard have a very low acceptance rate. There are other quality institutions which also have a high acceptance rate. Therefore, having a high percentage does not mean that the institution has poor performance or lowly services.

It basically means that the campus compromises of students with academic backgrounds that are not so good. Also, rates vary a lot. Finding universities in the same locality with differing rates as usual. Private campuses have higher acceptance rates as compared to public ones.

When applying for college, use any perfect essay example of those who were accepted. Do not concentrate only on the acceptance rates. Pay attention to their resources and programs. You must ensure that the institution suits both your professional and personal goals.

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