Training Without Nicole


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Chapter 1

 I'm an angel. 

Goodness. Just saying that makes me feel...strange! I would never have found this out if it weren't for darling Nicole. 

We're best friends now. 

And it's not only because we're angels. 

Jas isn't my friend anymore. She's friends with Sloane now. But, in all honesty, I don't really care. Because I've got Nicole. And I don't want anyone else. 

Nicole won't tell me why she's in a wheelchair. But she says I'm yet to find out. 

Sometimes I'm tempted to do some Enchanting angelic magic on her. Enchanting makes someone tell you their secret. 

But I won't. 

Because Nicole forbids me to. 

And I want to be a fair friend.  

Unlike Jas...

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Chapter 2

 "Hey!" Jas hisses to Sloane. "Hey, you!"

Sloane sighs deeply, when I have an idea. I look Sloane in her dark green eyes, willing her to be rude to Jas...

Sloane narrows her eyes at Jas. 

"Can you leave me alone, please," Sloane snaps silently, "and get a life?"

Jas stares, no gawps, at Sloane. It takes her a while, but she eventually regains her dignity and returns to her science work.  

Nicole frowns at me. I'm not suppose to use Urge angelic magic on school. Come to think of it, angels aren't allowed to use any kind of magic in school. 

"I couldn't help it," I mouth at her. 

And I can't help it now, because I look her in the eye, hoping she'll ignore me. But she reads my mind and replies in her mind, "I'll tell Angela, and she'll ban you from Urge angelic magic for three days."

And with that, I quickly cancel the spell and continue jotting down notes for the science lesson that we're having. 

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Chapter 3

 Jas is lonely all through the school day. She tries to tag on along with Nicole and I during school, but we ignore her. 

Now, she hasn't got me or Sloane; she's lonely. 

"Please, Mackenzie," she pleads while Nicole and I eat our lunch out on the field. "Please forgive me."

I sigh and shake my head. Jas grabs my hand, and I bang it on the table, pushing it away. 

Jas groans. 

"Gosh, I'll leave you alone!" she mutters. 

She leaves Nicole and I to eat in peace. 

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