The Red Lady


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Blair has a difficult life. Most people assume everything about her just by looking at her.

She goes towards reaching her life goal: To find out where and how her ability came to her. 

Obstacles occur constantly for Blair. Her conflict is that she is oblivious to what the reality of her life is until she is seized by a man who will make her life better by the minute and worse by the second.

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I gaze at the fire that makes its way back towards me. I absorbed it in me and it vanished.

Using my ability always gave me confidence when I need it.

I still do it when I'm alone.

Even though it's forbidden.

I walked down the stairwell . It was sunrise and I had yer to make it to the meeting in the grand hall.

This happens every Saturday Morning. Since we are very important people, It is our duty to attend.

I sigh while arriving at the kitchen. Uncle was reading, suitcase in hand and ready to leave.

I am not ordinary like any other average girl . It's not just because of my riches but also my ability. Nobody knows I attain abilities.

If in someway they figured it out I would be hanged.

"Good Morning Uncle ", I said kissing him on the cheek.

"Good Morning hon ". I went to the dining room to wait for my breakfast. As I waited I was reading my favourite book. Then I heard the sounds of plates being placed. My uncle sat himself on the dining table.

We ate breakfast and spoke some things. My uncle and I aren't that close but he does take care of my needs and I will forever appreciate that. When we were finished. We made our way to the carriage and stepped in. Throughout the ride I was anxious. I don't like carriages, I rather go in cars.

Just in a few minutes we we're at the town hall.

There were people in the side lines cheering our names out and pumping posters into the air.

We made it into the grand hall and I sat in one of the sofas they had In the Head Chief's office. I waited for the representatives to arrive.

Once they did I stood up and sat next to my uncle in the conference table.

Left to me was this man named Ethan and front was a man named Derek.

These were the only two people I knew out of everyone in here. They were really good friends of my uncle.

My uncle was at the head of the table and Mr. Francisco was at the other end discussing politics.

" We can not accept the offer it's to dangerous for the economy", my uncle started.

"But it will benefit us ", argued Mr. Francisco slamming his fist on the table out of anger.

"It will benefit us but it will not benefits the people and whatever affects the people affects us ", I argued.

Everybody grew silent and uncle then smiled and patted me in the back.

Then everyone else seemed to come back to reality.

" You have a good point, we need more women like you nowadays ", Mr. Francisco said.

I smiled. " Okay we will turn down the deal and forward it to Mr. Grandin in England. Any questions or comments before we establish the ending of this meeting ?", Mr. Francisco asked while standing up from his chair. Everyone shook their heads. " Very well then Have a good day everyone ", he said leaving to talk to my uncle.

I made my way to the garden. I sat down on the brown bench. My favourite place of all is this garden. The sun always managed to shine to its full power.

There was breeze blowing your hair and the flowers; which made the sent of them surround you.

The sunflowers always swaying to the wind just as every other flower.

When you closed your eyes and concentrate you could hear the peaceful music of your surroundings.

It makes you calm and forget about your worries and guilts.

I heard a snap of a branch and immediately opened my eyes. I was met with dark black eyes that gave me shivers and not the good ones.

The last thing I remember is a handkerchief being placed on my nose.

Then I was covered in pure darkness.

★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★ ★★★★★★★★

I opened my eyes to see nothing. My arms tied up behind me in a chair My body feeling sore and tired.

About an hour passed and then there was light.

I didn't react even though I haven't seen light in what felt like an eternity.

That's because technically I am made out of light.

When I took a look around the room I see only males surrounding me. Facing me.

They were wearing  black v necks and leather jackets. They wore everything black including their combat boots.

They also wore black masks. I guess to hide there faces. I did get scared but I didn't show it.

I looked down to my lap once again. Then I heard a door slam open there were two men standing there.

They walked slowly towards me. One picked up my chin harshly and forced me to look at him.

He let out an evil laugh. " We finally have her.... finally !!", he exclaimed as it was an accomplishment. He then took the time to examine me.

"Well, I told you she was weak", he said to the other guy. I tried to hide my smirk that was daring to appear upon my face.

Which I successfully did. He then let go of me.

If they only knew.


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