ONE MAN AND HIS DOGMA - Debut Novel of UK fiction writer Andi James Chamberlain. James is a widowed husband and bereaved father to a wife and child tragically lost in childbirth. Struggling to come to terms with life after his loss, James is unaware that figures from myth, religion and legend are after him to become their new...

The Blue Room

Every day he is taken to the blue room, every day interrogated with silence and light, every day he is punished for unknown reasons. The blue his only escape, his only solace. Today though... Today is different.

The Braillist

Having been given the title to use and instruction to write any short story I wanted, I wrote a horror tale that sits somewhere between King and Lovecraft. What happens when the darkness becomes hungry? What happens when the stones beneath your feet speak to your every instinct and you are no longer in control? And instead, you are...

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