Sigh No More

Meet Kyle Henry. Thirty-five years old. Special agent. Homicide Department. Not in a partying mood. Yet here he was, at Liz's fancy, perfect wedding reception. Ex-wife. Ex-love of his life. Ex-everything. Currently married to his ex-best friend, Jones. Washington DC: Three girls are stabbed, strangled and left for dead. Special...


A kind stranger offers a woman help when her purse is stolen at Miami airport. She needs to get to DC. He happens to be driving up to DC. Why driving? Because he's terrified of flying. Everything that happens in between leaving Miami and arriving in DC.

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Love Is What You Have

Hello there lovely readers of the 21st Century! I’m Teresa Van Santana, that wily secretist turned prolific author who drags you along one perilous peregrination after another, all the while giving you 32nd Century realness! What we’ve got here is the sixth book in my seemingly never-ending Secret of Secrets Series. If it seems like...

Key West Nights

Burned by three long term relationships gone bad, 45 year old Maddie has hit a slump of work and parental responsibilities. An opportunity to go to her friend's house in the Keys while her son spends the summer with them in Maine allows her to restore who she is. The setting is the beautiful islands of the Keys.