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 Hi my name is Savannah Rominger and I have three ferrets named Sunny Billy and Jill the are the sweetest things ever we had a ferret named patch bud he died of old age 

Ferrets are from the weasel family and are illegal in California and Hawaii. I am a huge animal lover my family has 3 cats 1 dog 3 ferrets and one turtle if you love animals as much as me leave a like 🦊🦁🐵🐔🐥🐺🐛🐜🐻🐮🙈🐧🦆🐗🦋🦗🐼🐷🙉🐦🦅🐴🐌🕷🐨🐽🙊🐤🦉🦄🐚🕸🐯🐸🐒🐣🦇🐝🐞🦂🐢🐙🐠🦈🦍🦒🐖🐕🐍🦑🐟🐊🐘🐃🐏🐩🦎🦐🐬🐅🦏🐂🐑🐈🦖🦀🐳🐆🐪🐄🐐🐓🦕🐡🐋🦓🐫🐎🦌🦃🐿🐀🐁🐇🕊🦔🐾🐉🐲

This is all of the animal emojis I have bye 👋 

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