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 Hi my name is Mia and I am going to tell you about my 6th grade year. 

I have mental health problem called depression and I also had a traumatizing childhood because my little brother died and his name was Alex. 

Well it all started in April when my mom and Dad divorced and my mom found someone named Mark and that is when the darkness started to take over and at the time I also had a toxic friend named Susan. She would tell me things to make me feel bad about my self and in December it went down hill and I started doing something called cutting and I hid it from everyone until my mom found out and we both cried. I promised I would never do it again and things where good until February and that is when I almost killed my self I cut my wrist and over dosed I had a sezer and was rushed to the hospital where after about 3 days in the hospital I was transferred to a mental health hospital where I was there for a week and it was in Sanfansisco C.A I am out now and living a normal life now

          Hi my name is Savannah Rominger and this story is based on me everything in this is real my brother Avin died at 2 months old and my toxic friend was named Mardiecella and we aren’t friends anymore and my future step father is named Marcus I have 3 sisters and 2 older step brothers I have depression and anxiety. 

    I want to say that suicide is not the best option try getting help and know you are loved there are about 121 suicides every day so know I care and your family cares and don’t listen to people trying to make you feel bad about yourself cause they are eather hurt at home or the so blind to see the beautie in you or they are completely jerks

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