Dark Gambits

Gareth Knight is one of the Mission's retirement specialists. That is, he is expert at retiring renegade dark ones. He specialises in serial killing Shape Shifters. Anastasia Sharpe is also a retirement specialist for the Service. She's been sanctioned to retire Gareth and Gareth's been sanctioned to retire her. With the help of some...

Darkness Calls

A young woman is raped by slavers in a sacred grove. Her reluctant rescuer finds he can't be easily rid of her. An attempt is made on the life of the Emperor. He is helped by a loyal Praetorian who finds himself under suspicion. Something unseen recognises these events as opportunities for their own purposes. All they need do is...

Them from the Sea

The village of Skipford is living in fear. The old stories say that on some nights the sea releases her dead to come ashore and take lives from the living in return for the lives they lost. Of course, not everybody believes this nonsense. If it were so, then Gabriella Sheldrake would have had a different reception when she washed...


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The Equator

Tempests of sleet and snow have imprisoned the world with a frozen grasp for more than a century. Rune's father has chased a myth for years - The Equator, hidden somewhere on the planet. A year after his father's untimely death, two fractions locked in a feud arrive in Old Francisco in search of his father's research. The race is on...