It's About Time


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coitus interrupts.

 She was sitting on the edge of the couch leaned over one hand gesturing madly 'Do you ever get that intensity of concentration it shatters everything else out of existence and your feelings get ramped up into an extreme focus'


well that's how I paint or write she said to him and when I get interrupted when I'm painting It like you pulling me out mid orgasm and telling me you need a glass of water. 

I'm going to go back into my studio now please don't interrupt me she said in a stern but friendly way . Haven't you ever seen funny farm, the words fading into the room as she walked off.

Oh the one with the chirping bird he yelled at her with Chevy Chase writing a book I love that movie do you want to watch it later for a laugh. I might go and download that one now, he said not really caring about her stupid orgasm art.


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