The Black Box


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The Black Box

    He sat at the cafe nervously tucking his strands of hair behind his ears and adjusting his shirt sleeves. His jet black hair straight and shiny was wet from coming in from the rain, the small freckles on his face, and green eyes gave a mysterious gypsy feeling about him . 

 As he sat there waiting his thoughts went to realising there was not much else he could do, as he could tell from his betrayal to her, that all the love she ever felt for him had drained out of her the only thing left was a faint feeling of a past connection. 

 this was his last shot to try and spark that intensity that used to exist between them.

Meeting her at a small cafe the rain outside made the encounter seem more final, sitting across from her he pushed the small black box over to her side of the table looking into her eyes. 

Saying the words softly to her, this arrived at the record shop and I  couldn't not give it to you, I love you and I'm sorry.

All she could do was to hold on to the box knowing in this moment in the small crowded cafe she would never see him again but the music in the box she held would breathe with her for the rest of her life

Joining with her in the sad times, sending her to her deepest thoughts, comforting her in her loneliest feelings. 

He hadn't just given her present he had given her a lifetime of moments 

And all of this flashed inside her in that instant Sitting accross from him. With the sadness being too much she stood up carefully from the table knowing this was the last encounter with a man she had once loved very deeply.

But he would always be remembered within this box of music playing throughout the rest of her life.

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