The Strumming Of The Guitar


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You walked into my life like you were walking into my arms, direct, warm, intelligent and I felt your masculinity just by you being you.

You made me feel beautiful for the first time in my life. 

Appreciating me in my complete nakedness, my sensuality, my sexuality screaming out in pleasure from your touch you touched my soul with beauty. With no words, just touch, your body. And when we spoke I felt this appreciation pour out of me for you in the moment sitting in awe of your openness and honesty. You made me feel like a woman for the first time in my life, not just an empty body for someone to get pleasure from.

It’s wasnt about a black dress, or lingerie, it was me. And I felt you inside me your kindness, your complete masculinity absorbing into me I had found myself. 

A rhythm of us, back and forth soft and hard, slow and fast, with patience and urgency, male and female.

And I want all of you the whole male, the anger, the frustrations, your life, the whole of you, raw and unedited because that’s the truth and the truth is what I seek the openness the love .because it’s all love, the hurt we feel, the pain, the kindness, the insecurities, our strengths it’s all part of who we are. 

But I’m afraid I was chasing you and I destroyed it all, I stripped you down I sabotaged it so I didn’t have to feel anymore

I devalued myself, and I shouldn’t have done that you know, I was standing tall and confident and I don’t know I was honest and it just ruined everything you know 

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