The Truth


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The Truth

 Please say hello to the truth because denial is killing you.

Please say hello to your reflection because addiction isn’t sitting well for you.

Please, don’t tell me you want to marry me if you just went on a date with that girl you were speaking too for 8 years. 

Don’t tell me you love me by the sea and night sky with tears down my cheeks and feet in the sand, while you drive home to a house with empty bottles staining wooden tables and cigarette burned carpets thick with lies and betrayal. 

Don’t question my every move with voilent motions of slamming doors screams of your voice so close to my face I can see your pupils enraging with  fire of hate and distaste at me


Please say hello to the truth 

Because  denial is killing you

Don’t pretend to know who you are when you are the  lie tattooed across your teeth 

Stop signing your name in my ears with your screams. 

I hear your breath at night, when all is quiete and still, echoing sounds of the all the sips of red wine consuming you into a drunken sleep on the couch. 

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