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The Encounter

 He was sitting on the edge of a hotel bed noticing the glass of water placed carefully on the bedside table 

Dressed in  suit pants with tight navy blue boxers underneath, a leather belt and a white shirt. Sitting there a little nervous and excited at the same time his eyes wonderd to the view outside scanning out over the ocean and blue sky. 

Having showered just minutes ago he could feel the slight sweat under his shirt and he wondered if he should put more deodorant on but then he could smell too much. He always over thought to much, switching on the tv to occupy his mind. 

She was rushing along the street to the car in high heels making it difficult to run,  remembering the last time she had been in a hotel room with a guy, he was a millionaire possibly near the billions all she knew was he had invested in one of the top tech companies and many others, he was this short yet very striking intelligent Australian man . With a laugh like someone was cracking a walnut quietly he gave of a very shy persona, to her he was extremely interesting, but he was at least ten years her age and although she could have on many occasions been with him she choose not too. It would have been too weird. 

She had met him after he did a talk to a thousand or more people about his investments and he sat accross from her at the cafe saying he found her very feminine and how much he liked it, he had somehowlured her to his hotel room saying he didn’t want to be recognised at the cafe after people spilling out from the seminar, she later realised this was as a rue to get her up to the room. 

He had sat accross from her in a chair in the hotel room leaned forward asking her a series of questions like she was being interviewed for some weird Asian sex show, openly she answered them, her honesty astonishing him, the finality of the encounter seemed to become obvious when she stated she just didn't feel it was right and didn't do hookups but deep down she just felt something off kilter about him. She talked of business ideas on the lift down as he had been mentoring her for a business she had. His interest in her was even more distance perhaps it was the rejection or the feeling of lonilness he had but she never saw him again. 

 After remembering that encounter that left her feeling like she was an unintelligent body only sought after for A sexual encounter  she shuddered at the coldness of it and almost at the lift now nervously pressing the button over and over, wearing a bright red Wollen coat with a tight dress underneath layered with lace underwear she felt like a hooker going to meet her prey, perhaps she should  not have worn the red coat she thought,  but it was her favourite and driving the red MG sports car into the parking lot below didn't help either. On the way over she drove it a little too fast on a strip coming from Petrie and was pulled over by a plain cloths police officer she was well over the speed limit perhaps the 120 zone she had got out of the car and new it was stupid but driving the mg fast was something she did rarely she was lucky he didn’t fine her just have her a warning. 

The guy she was meeting now was much more different, he had a self thinking kind of kink  going on  but she found herself strangely attracted to him and she could never work out why later she realised it was because she liked watching him think something about the way his face looked intelligent. 

He opened the door and there she was smiling he was now holding a whisky in his hand and he took her into his arms slowly touching his lips to hers

She nervously shuffled her way through his arms into the room. 

This was there third meeting, and later she would realise the whisky in his hands right now and the ordering of vodkas so casually at lunch was that  he was an alcoholic and it would affect the love between them bringing them to an end eventually. 

As she made her way to the lounge he sort of sat down and started to switch his attention to the tv that was filling the room with a chaotic noise. It was at that point she thought what am I doing here. Who was this guy she didn’t feel that comfortable with at this time, she felt like she was chasing him, he was staying in a hotel room as he had split from his girlfriend who he owned a house with. 

Feeling like she was just there for sex, she sat down and thought I’ll just stay for 20 minutes and go.


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