In a factious city on the coast of a mysterious island, an engineer finds herself an unemployed fugitive in possession of plans for an astonishing and powerful invention. Pursued by corporate mercenaries, she is drawn into the increasingly sinister plans of a megalomaniacal social revolutionary.


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Existence Flasher

Hal Brandon has been pretty lucky lately. He has a new girlfriend and a new job. His new job has him sell people their own personal afterlife. He is an Afterlife Salesman. But when he has to sell his bestfriend an afterlife he tries to stop the inevitable.

The Selection

Humans created a new home on a planet they call Anastasia. What was once thought of as paradise now has much darker tones as population growth hasn't gone as expected. To curb the over-abundance of males the Selection was instituted. Through the Selection young males endure a terrifying ordeal that ultimately ends up killing them or...