Fear By: Rylan Molyneux Ghost town A ghost who lives among us all. book#1 1 I should have let my friends tell me the story about the ghost town. I know what you are thinking,your thinking a ghost town is a town with no one in it. Well not this ghost town. This ghost town has real ghost is it. And i’m not joking, it’s real. If you don't believe me then go to a town that is abandoned. No don’t because on the way you see monsters. And when you see them they try to eat you. Then you are never seen again. Well i better get in the car and go to my summer camp. My name is Emma smith and i’m 14 years old. MOM TIME TO GO!!!! I DON’T WANT TO BE LATE!!! 7 hours later. “We’re here” said mom. “Yes” I said. When we were getting a parking spot i thought i saw a Ghost. “Mom i don’t want to go to camp anymore¨I said. ¨why¨mom said. ¨because...i'll miss you¨ I said. I got out of the car. ¨MOM I DON'T WANT TO GO TO CAMP!!!!¨I said. ¨Too bad!!!!!!¨ mom said. ¨MOM!!!!¨ . “EMMA!!!NO!!YOUR GOING BECAUSE WE’RE HERE!!!!” mom said. “FINE!!” . I got my bags and went to the camp. When I got to the campsite I heard noise after noise and noise again. It didn’t stop. I stood there shivering so hard I could not speak.“HELP!!!” I said scared. 2 1 hour later. I stopped yelling and went to camp finally. My friend Sadie was at camp. Sadie is one year older than me. “Here’s your cabin”. “Thanks” I said. “Your welcome”. “EMMA!!!!!!!” Sadie called out with a scream. Sadie was standing by the woods. “WHAT!!!!” I said kind of scared. “I FOUND SOMETHING!!!....IN THE WOODS!!!!!” Sadie said scared. I dropped my stuff in the cabin and ran to Sadie. Sadie ran into the woods. “SADIE!!!!!!!” I screamed. “COME BACK!!!!!” I screamed again. I ran into the forest yelling. I got tears in my eyes and stopped running. I saw monsters slowly try to come and eat me and Sadie. I ran as fast as my legs could take me. I saw Sadie in the distance and yelled “SADIE RUN!!!” but Sadie didn’t listen to me and she stood there with her black hair blowing in the wind and her dark skin shining in the sun. Sadie didn’t even speak like she was being controlled. “SADIE!!!” I said. Behind me I saw Mia ( Mia is my other friend at camp). Mia ran to sadie and ran with sadie into the woods even more. “COME BACK WITH SADIE !!!!” I called. “MIA COME BACK WITH MY BEST FRIEND!!!!” I screamed as loud as I could. “NO!!!!!!!” mia called back. “FINE I WILL GET HER MYSELF!!!!!” I said. I started walking up the woods a little more. I was Getting very scared and was shaking. and it was starting to get dark and I started to realize things floating in the sky, but I didn't know what they were. Where they clouds? Or Were they Stars? Or is it something that may haunt you when you go to bed. You probably guessed it .It might be a ghost . 3 I ran into the woods even more. I ran as fast I could. “GHOST!!!!” I screamed. “ I should probably stop screaming’’ I Whisper to myself. It's a ghost town. I knew it was real, but nobody would believe me. But here I can take a picture and show everybody. Well I probably shouldn't because if the Ghost found me then they probably try to eat me or something. I should probably run into the ghost town because I don't want those monsters to eat me because they're coming straight at me still. I ran into the Ghost town. And into the ghost hotel. When I came in I key card and scanned the card and ran into room 101. When I came inside the room, I saw ghost sleeping in the beds. I slowly and quietly came out of the room. I got out of the room and ran into the employees only spot. I got in there and there was a car. In my head I was thinking why is there a car in here but also I was thinking this car looks like my moms car. I opened the car and saw my mom and dad sleeping inthe car. I was wondering why they were in here. “ Mom and Dad wake up” I said. 5 minutes later I was shaking them. Mom and Dad finally woke up. Mom and Dad got out of the car and said “where are we”. I said “Ghost town”. “Ok” Mom and Dad said. “You don’t get me do you” I said. “We get it” mom said. “ Really!! No! You don’t get me it’s a real ghost town” I said. “What!!!” Mom said. Mom was scared so badly she Could not speak. Mom do you think we should run. “ no we can't take risks” mom said. Why we have the car right here and it's not like ghost can go through cars or anything. well actually I don't know if they can go through cars, but I really don't want to take risks because that could turn out bad” I said. “ how did you get here anyways it's not like you drove over here right? right? Mom answer me” I said scared. I was so scared I was shivering because I didn't know if my mom and dad were being controlled or if they were not answering me. “MOM” I said.” We don't know what happened” mom said. “ What!!!” I said try not to yell. when I finally calmed myself down I looked out the window and saw that there were ghost moving cars right when they were trying to pull out.” MOM!! I know what happened when you were pulling out they put you to sleep with their sleeping potion And then pick the car up and put you in here. oh no!!! This better not be the garage cuz if this is the garage they're going to come and open the door and they're going to see us in here. “ dad get in the driver seat and Mom sit in the passenger seat and I will get in the back. I'll also open the garage door. End where I open the garage door you start the car and then we'll be out of here in no time. I opened up the garage door and I ran into the back seat. Dad tried to start the car but it would not start. 4 When the garage door opened Sadie ran in. Sadie said mia is coming after you guys, and she's a ghost. and I had to admit that did Scare Me, and it didn't scare me a little bit a lot. Sadie get in the car. Sadie got in the car.” hopefully we're safe” I said.” did I even take people out of the cars” Sadie said.”REALLY!!!You have to tell us now!!!” I said. Then all of a sudden a ghost walk through the car.” everybody stay quiet cause otherwise that ghost will eat us” Sadie said. The Ghost walked through the front to the back of the car. We all saw the ghost face. “EWW!!!” I said yelling. The ghosts face looked white and her face had a holes where her eyes was supposed to be. It so creepy. There were more than one ghost. there were a ton!!! Now all the ghost were walking all through the car and they didn't stop. “What are we going to do” I said. “ Stay quiet that's what we're going to do” Sadie said. “Why” I said. “Because there are Ghost going through the car. Did you think all of us are stupid or something” I said. “ maybe you're the stupid one. because I know I'm not stupid” Sadie said straight to my face. Sadie was acting so mean to me it's like I wanted to punch her in the face. but I wasn't going to do that because she was my friend. “ I could punch you in the face.” I said. “ okay I want to see you do it. to prove you're not a scaredy-cat that I want to see you punch me”Sadie said. I new that she didn't want me to punch her in the face but I felt so mad that...... I might have punched her in the face. But it was an accident. I'm not joking, I wasn't trying. it just came out of nowhere. I just now that proves that I'm not a scaredy-cat. “ that proves I'm not a scaredy-cat” I said. “ yes, you really are a scary cat but I'm still really mad at you because you punch me in the face.Now my nose really hurts. is it bleeding”sadie said. “Yes” I said. “Did you go track blood?” mom said. 5 “ THEY DO!!! I screamed as loud as i could. At the same time a ghost walked through the car and saw me. “AHHHHH!!!!!!” I screamed again. The ghost grabbed me and I got pulled out of the car. When the ghost got me out of the car the ghost kept flying till the ghost got to a church. The ghost dropped me onto the hardwood floors. “ OWWWW!!!!” I said. “ your being a jerk” I said. “Be quiet”the ghost said. “NO!!!!” I yelled. “Shutup!!!”. I started running to the door but before i could get to the door the ghost closed the door. I whispered to myself that ghost is stupid. I saw a window was broken and at the window. The ghost tried to close the window but there was no glass. I climbed out the window and ran out of the woods. Mom,dad,sadie, and Mia ran out. We all got a taxi and they drove us home. Now the ghost will not ever come back and haunt us but keep in mind if you live in a town or a apartment then they might sleep with you. You might get very cold and then get shivers. The windows will randomly open up. The ghost named lizzy might be next to your bed. The dogs are barking but how do you know they are not the ghost dogs trying to get you out side. I have told you to much and i mean way to much. Well have a nice time and don’t get eaten.