HELP ME-A THRILLER NOVEL. "Help Me Ross-Vanessa" 642614 Margor Holding Centre,Penwick County This was all the note said,written on prison note paper with the prisoner number and address the only indication of where she was. Ross leaned back in the leather revolving chair in his large wood panelled office lined with case books and puzzled as to who would write to him from a prison cell,obviously knowing him and wondering as to who this could be who addressed him so familiarly.The only Vanessa who came to mind was the tall English girl who had swept into university when he was in his second year in Law studies.What a smasher she was. Totally different from everyone else,aloof and with a cut glass accent.She was stylishly dressed and everyone was riveted by her.Coolness personified.Not a man in the University including himself didn't fancy her but she didn't seem to bond with anyone.Word was that she was super intelligent and could practically have lectured in the school. He recalled one incident where she acted out a complete act from a Shakespeare play which was on the syllabus with another student on the lawn outside the university with at least one hundred students watching. Ross had often seen her heading home,cigarette in hand but like the rest could never summon the courage to talk to her.She disappeared after the first year and he often wondered what life had held for her.She had seemed a troubled person.Surely this couldn't be the same person who had barely taken him under her notice. He had always had what could have been termed a gilded life,his Father a judge (The Honorable Jerome Leroy Cague)and his house palatial,set in four acres and had no seeming difficulties in life sailing through school and qualifying as a solicitor with his own practice in town.One unique feature in his life is that he knew others weren't so lucky and he felt his career was a vocation not just to represent others and conduct his legal commitments but to look a little deeper into affairs that came his way and try. to not just settle cases but try his level best to make sure that every case he handled was not just routine but that everything related was of benefit to the client as far as possible. He was a very solid looking man,strong featured,with a determined jaw set,perhaps not handsome in a conventional way but there was a confidence in his manner that was attractive to a lot of women but he had never found the right one although he never lacked company.A traumatic rejection from a girl when he was sixteen who he had adored and two days later kissed someone else in front of him had affected all future relationships with women and although he fell in love very easily he never committed for fear of rejection.He fully understood his problem but couldn't come to terms with it. His practice was small but staff were handpicked and all were capable of independent thinking and as such he had built up a solid reputation for handling cases 0quickly and efficiently. His fathers reputation being a judge did him no harm but he always made sure that they never were in court together due to objections that would arise and also avoided discussing any cases with him as his father had made clear this was not to happen .Ross respected that. He was not a popular figure with police because he refused to be swayed by political and popular opinion. His rebellious streak hardened by years of arguing his points with his father sometimes went against him and the general view was that he would run into big trouble at some point with the Law Society who were very much the establishment. His secretary Stella Ryman ,married to a librarian Derek in the town was trained as a paralegal.She was a mature lady,efficient,and with a swarthy complexion being of Mexican descent Ross hughly depended on her and had she been younger,single would have married her in a flash.Each understood the other perfectly. A person who he contacted now and again though discreetly was Randy Ferson,an ex police officer,trained in undercover work specialised combat techniques now operating as a private detective for insurance companies.At six foot two and powerfully muscled from many hours training he was a force to be reckoned with and he had a quick brain which was a bonus.Ross had known him from childhood and they had enjoyed young adulthood together.This was a man Who had proved himself time and again to Ross and their bond was unbreakable. He ha lot of work to do and put the note to one side to attend to later when a he heard a soft rap on the door and Stella came in with what looked like a newspaper in her hand.It was. "Got onto Derek to get the Penwick County News regarding this Vanessa ,thought you might wanna see this" She put the newspaper down on the desk over his papers. Ross smiled inwardly.That's what he liked about Stella.She'd read the mail that morning and had taken action immediately to find out more about the Prison note.