Strange World

The story of a man and his wife with a special genetic system called SDNA with more than a couple of super abilities. Follow Ethan Jones in a first person life story as he wakes up after a long nap. Will he be a super hero or will he just hide? It's your turn to start reading So enjoy!! P.S: If you notice any errors while reading,...

Strange World 2

The Sequel to Strange World. This Time it's Lacey's Turn under the spotlight as she goes through her busy days working for both the FBI and The Trident. Will she let go of her husband that was murdered by her own boss ? Or is there still hope ?

The World & Our Music

Welcome to the world of fiction. The place where every single one of your dreams always gets written down. For now, let me introduce you to the world I'll be writing about in this book: the story of The World & Our Music. The whole thing takes place in L.A in 2015, inside a small condo where the 21 year-old Jake Smith spends his days...

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