Structure and Topics of Expository Essay


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Structure and Topics of Expository Essay

In the context of academic writing, the word ‘expository’ may be referred to as ‘explanatory.’ It means an expository essay either explains, clarifies, or illustrates a certain topic and convey a certain message. For that matter, instead of subjective opinion, you have to provide objective arguments which must be based on facts and evidence. The beauty of expository essays is that they present a true, balanced, and fair reflection of a topic without any bells and whistles. Merely, your own analysis or beliefs is not enough because expository essays don’t allow any space for your personal emotions or views.

The horizon of an expository essay is quite vast as it includes a diversity of certain areas. For example, it involves an essay of personal nature, literature, history, environmental concerns, personal development, social issues, and science and technology, etc. Mostly an expository essay deals with specific topics; however, if you select a topic of general nature, then it will not be easy for you to gather the relevant information, data, or evidence in a short span of time.

The Process of Expository Essay

·         Make a hypothesis

·         Explore supportive data in favor of your topic

·         Explain and organize your arguments/data to support your hypothesis


            Expository essays follow the standard format of an essay.

·         Introduction – Introductory paragraph explains the main topic of your essay and a short description of its background.

·         Main Body – It generally consists of three paragraphs where you present your main arguments to support your hypothesis.

·         Conclusion – It involves your critical analysis in the light of facts and supportive data presented in the main body.

10 Simple Topics for Expository Essay

·         Why is it good to stay in an apartment when it is an earthshake?

·         Describe the effects of artwork in your life.

·         Explain how much your family is important to you.

·         How can you improve your leadership qualities?

·         Why have libraries become less popular in the era of information technology?

10 Medium Level Topics for Expository Essay

·         Describe the social consequences of obesity.

·         Explain why meat-eating is harmful than vegetarian life?

·         Explain why the divorce rate has increased in the US society?

·         Explain the reasons why do you believe in aliens?

·         What do you like to write in your term paper and why?

10 Hard Level Topics for Expository Essay

·         Is there any impact of your emotional state on your memory?

·         Explain how gender inequality can be reduced at the workplace?

·         Describe the future implications of social media on future generations.

·         What can electronic games teach the youth?

·         Explain how obesity may adversely affect organizational performance?

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