Prison Escape


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chapter  1

  the two man was  thank about escape out of the prison  where  out getting  caught   from the security  so he meets two-man and they want to  fight him and let them win and the the decision has been making so the two-man agreed to escape with him so one of the man sense  Let's say I  need to see my liar so the Curity said sure and the  man backhanded him in his head  and   stalled  the keys and escape out of the Present and  on   there way   they meet up  where to  women and side   we have escape  and she said what do you mean by glee   friend and I and she said I thought you were coming alone and they make a plan to kill the two men and only one day because of the cops caught all of them and the next  day  they  Bring one of the man to the lake and kill  him and the man said Where is the man that escape with us and they say   he be be and  they  kill him .

the end 


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