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Your Complete Beaded Charm Bracelet Guide

You have a jewelry box full of gold and silver. You have rings, earrings, and necklaces, but the one thing you don't have is a charm bracelet. You don't really want a traditional one with dangly charms. You want something different. Well, you don't need a special occasion to invest in this great little gift for yourself. There's no better time to buy your very own charm bracelet than now! Just know that there is a new kind of charm bracelet making waves these days, and that bracelet is a beaded charm bracelet.


Beaded charm bracelets differ from classic charm bracelets in that they're comprised of a leather band, or a silver or gold band, beads (Some with charms and some without), spacers with clips, and clasps. Designing one of these bracelets for yourself is a fun and exciting excursion that will take your jewelry to new heights. Once you're finished with the process, you will be the proud owner of one of these beautiful creations!


First, you have to pick your size and the type you want. Once you choose whether you prefer gold, silver, or leather, you have to pick a clasp as well. Now you are ready to pick your bracelet size. A tape measure can give you this number, and then you'll add about one and a half inches. Your next step is to choose your clips. These clips go over part of your bracelet, and a third clip will prevent your beads from falling off.


Easily the most fun part is next. When you add charms you have so many to choose from. You can select those that represent the things in your life that mean the most to you: a dog that reminds you of your darling pooch, a purse in honor of your Coach collection, or a tennis racquet for your favorite hobby.


Lastly, you'll add spacers. These are smaller than charms and they fit between them. They can be gold or silver and they can even be mixed and matched with your bracelet itself.


The good news is that keeping your beaded charm bracelet looking shiny and new over time is very easy! Just use warm, soapy water and a toothbrush when cleaning it. Some companies even offers some special cleaners to help your preserve your bracelet's beauty over time best wireless bluetooth speakers.


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