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 To say that ‘shoot’ was an accident would be a lie, but to say it was intended would be far from the truth. 

This confusion, this anomaly is everywhere, within every living thing. 

If there isn’t a truth then it must be a lie and if there isn’t a lie then there must be a truth. 

Now that’s where people go wrong, to some this may be false and for some true.

Everything depends on background, some may think it normal to swear or eat meat, some may hate it. 

Truth was not a lie and the lie was not the truth but the matter of opinion decides , the meaning differs depending on each individual person.

Just remember this,

No matter how hard someone tries to be the normal person or the true person there will always be someone that thinks it is a lie.  You could think that you’re a lie, no one should ever think that about themselves, you are strong.

Thoughts can be deafening,

 I know.

Your task is to overcome them, don’t try to meet other standards, be yourself,  meet your standards, build them up strengthen your beliefs.


 .truth will prevail.

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