Distant Humans

If there was one thing he was now certain of, it was that humanity has always been its own worst enemy. And, as far as he could tell, that wasn't about to change any time soon. Throughout history, their most epic triumphs and their most monumental struggles had all essentially been against themselves. What else could Sebastian do but...


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The Swedish Truth

We can be extraordinary if we choose. Set in a futuristic world with humanity at stake. Gemma Rose's curiosity takes over and she decides to investigate the recent war in Sweden. Escaping several near death experiences, will Gemma discover the truth? Or will curiosity kill the girl.

The Grand Story Of Not

Life is a grand golden tapestry, with each thread purposefully hewn and pulled from its spinning to its finish. We follow our lives along such a course, never seeing how we fit into the whole. Or perhaps not. An unnamed narrator steals a glimpse of the cosmic portraiture and is led along by an enigmatic mentor from their past, finding...