Stanley Swanson-Breed of a Werewolf


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This is a work of fiction. All of the characters, organizations and events portrayed in this novel/book are either products of the author's imagination or are used fictitiously.

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Stanley Swanson

Breed of a Werewolf

Copyright © 2015 by, S.K. Ballinger

All rights reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced, stored, or transmitted by any means—whether auditory, graphic, mechanical, or electronic—without written permission of both publisher and author. Unauthorized reproduction of any part of this work is illegal and is punishable by law.

Ballinger, S.K.

Stanley Swanson-Breed of a Werewolf, 2nd Edition

ISBN – 978-1-329-39375-2

Second Edition

Stanley Swanson

Breed of A Werewolf

I have lived an extraordinary life to say the least. I started out in journalism and found myself located in Kansas City, KS working for one of the largest newspaper distributions known as the Kansas City Star. I was born in 1974 and living in Stull, KS. This city is where I have ended making my home and have retired at a young age of almost forty years old. I only retired because I happen to be paralyzed from the waist down due to a drunk driver who ran a red light which had T-boned me while I was on my motorcycle on my way home from work. That happened only a few years ago.

I am not here to write about my life, but let me introduce myself in short. My name is Kain Edward. There were many things I wrote about in my time as a journalist, but found the most intriguing to me was that of paranormal existence, sightings, vampires and werewolves. Something I found I could exaggerate in my mind freely and always wanted to believe in.

During my life as a young boy, I loved anything to do with 'mythology' or those creatures that had certain powers or a special gift. I grew up watching a lot of movies that involved Vampires and Werewolves and I believe that is why I had optioned to be so consumed in the research of such creatures. Hell, that is why I offered to take the job at the Kansas City Star to be honest.

One thing that always stood out to me was the fact that there never really ever seemed that there was a book or movie that gave great details of 'Werewolves', which would become more fascinating to me as I began to lose a slight interest in Vampires.

“Surely there has to be more to Werewolves than just being some hideous beast that kills humans at the site of a full moon?” I would say to myself many times over.

In my time of journalism I had to do a lot of traveling and research as one could imagine. I spoke to so many people from all parts of the world that claimed to have seen such subjects of interest or heard of someone who had. It only grew my desire to know that much more. Unfortunately, nothing ever turned out as a positive result as I often ran in to dead ends. I soon would become a laughing stock to co-workers and even would hear at times while walking into the office 'Here comes the freak'.

I did not lose my job because of my accident or being stuck in this damn wheel chair, I lost it because I simply gave up. Meaning, I was tired of my life as I did not feel it was worth living for anymore. I often would find myself focused on going back on my roots of reaching out in hopes of someone who could have proof of the topics I once enjoyed writing about and doing so in the private confines of my own home, so not to hear the wise cracks from others.

There I would sit endlessly in front of my computer and searching and posting such things as 'Do Werewolves exist or Vampires even?', but soon realized after short responses from the few 'yes' and 'no's', upon hearing back from strangers, I was always told the same shit when I inquired in more depth of proof or an answer as when I was meeting people before.

Very short answers and the interest would soon die out, just as I myself wanted to. Far back many years ago, I even had placed thousands of business cards out with my contact information in all parts of the world that I had visited. I was that desperate I guess you could say to find the truth about these mythological creatures.

I had become so depressed and unwanted in my mind, that drinking and smoking cigarettes became an easy addiction. It was until one early morning back in 2010 when my phone rang, which was not very often. It was a very shocking call, not because someone called me but more-so because the young gentleman on the other line had requested to meet with me; as he supposedly had proof that Werewolves and Vampires existed. After my short laugh, the young gentleman interrupted by stating

“I happen to be a Werewolf and am not sure if perhaps you are as serious as your business card would suggest.”

Though I had many people claim to be a Werewolf, Vampire or abducted by aliens, the tone in his voice truly seemed different and sincere. It did not hurt that at that moment in my life; I figured what could another fake encounter possibly do to make me feel any worse than I already do in life.

We talked for roughly thirty minutes getting acquainted before it seemed to be real. It was not because this is what I wanted to hear or think, but because he told me he had proof of what he was suggesting to be. His name was Stanley Swanson and he was currently living in Sacramento, CA.

This would be the day my life would turn around, but in what way? This my friends, is why I enjoyed writing and now I can share with you all of what Mr. Swanson and I were able to discuss in this long lost and forgotten personal journal.

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Nervous as could be on this early, cold and eerie morning, but filled with anticipation of knowing this would be the day Kain would be meeting Mr. Swanson. He simply could not contain the excitement and rush that was going through his upper extremities of the only part he could feel. Kain would only find himself waking up early to try his best and clean the house for the guest he has always dreamed of meeting. Filled with all these questions he was going to ask Stanley Swanson as he continued to clean the house while being overly anxious as to what proof he might have, was overwhelming. Kain was the happiest he had been in a very long time after all, even though he would still remain disabled. To think that he might have answers and such to prove all those wrong that claimed him to be a freak and what he was doing was all a waste of time.

Not knowing what to expect and feeling a little bad that he could not help Mr. Swanson on his travel to visit him financially, though the two of them had discussed that on the phone conversation. Kain tried to make his place of living as relaxed and comfortable for him upon his arrival. The mixed emotions he would feel before Stanley would arrive were more then he could put into words. What would a so called Werewolf look like, will he judge me, will he eat or drink and even the notion of 'would he kill me',would cross his mind.

It was just around noon time when the knock on Kain's door happened. As he wheeled himself to the front door overly thrilled with anticipation, Kain was shocked to see this young twenty-six year old finally arrived as promised. Stanley was not what Kain had pictured in his mind to see and he never thought he would be so at a loss of words. That was when Stanley kindly asked

“I presume you are Kain Edward”

He was a handsome looking young man, dressed very well and super kind. Many of the thoughts Kain had previously questioned to himself, quickly would leave. After Kain fully opened the door, Stanley was fast to shake his hand. Kain told him that he had been doing this for some time on his own now, but did appreciate the offer as he wheeled himself, while Stanley followed.

They both ended up at the front table in the kitchen, as there was a nice view and felt it was the best place to perhaps discuss these topics Stanley had or more importantly of him being a Werewolf. Kain did notice one thing that was lacking, that Stanley had no luggage or bags with him. This made him think of where the 'proof' could possibly be.

“Mr. Swanson, if you don't mind me asking, but I am assuming this is a short visit as you have brought nothing with you and yet have traveled a long distance?” His response was swift as he stated to Kain.

“I travel lightly Mr. Edward.”

As both were now seated at the table with Stanley sitting directly across from Kain, Kain quickly asked his second question of curiosity which was a welcoming to Stanley.

“Would you like something to drink?”

“I would love to have some ice water.” Stanley smiled.

Kain was relieved to a slight degree as Stanley appeared so human and yet would claim on the phone that he was in fact a Werewolf. Kain would stand firm with himself and was just not buying it, perhaps he was being overly stubborn as he was in his past. Still, then again he would give him the benefit of the doubt as he was the one who put up the cost to visit.

“If you do not mind Mr. Edward, I will be happy to grab my own glass of ice water, just tell me where you keep your cups at. If you would like, while I am up, I will gladly fix you a drink as well.”

With a large smirk on Kain's face as he was intrigued with this Mr. Swanson, he would reply.

“I am fine thanks and the cups you can find in the cabinet on your right.”

Watching Stanley grab his cup and walking to the faucet of Kain's old ceramic kitchen sink, he could not help himself by admiring the classy style Stanley had about him. His footsteps were light along the hard wood floor, suit ironed perfectly and his odd touch as he moved his right hand from the base of the faucet to the tip as he watched the water flow to his cup. Everything Kain saw with his own eyes had made it appear that he is something special even if not a Werewolf that Stanley claims to be. His walk back to the table was just as inspiring as it was when he helped himself to the cup of water.

“So Mr. Edward, what is it that you wish to know about silly Vampires and Werewolves or even aliens for that matter?”

“Please, call me Kain.”

Just as he was explaining to Stanley the interests of those topics as he made himself comfortable at the table again, Kain must have said the wrong words in his response.

“Well, Vampires and Werewolves seem so intriguing and they also are of the same nature in some ways to start with.”

Stanley immediately stood up from, leaned into Kain at mid-point of the table while laying his right hand with the palm down.

“You know nothing of vampires or werewolves Kain!”

He was very angry with the first few words from him of their meeting and Kain was quick to apologize. Then Stanley would continue.

“You think that werewolves and vampires share certain characteristics or that we are somewhat alike?” He would ask as he continued.

“You humans are created with a mind of fantasy, folklore and lust. You all read, watch movies and shows in the desire to believe we are what other humans merely write about. This is all your kind knows of us. Let me make it clear to you Kain, by stating, that werewolves were or are nothing more to this day but slaves to vampires!”

As his once subtle palm on the table became tightly clinched in a fist, Kain again apologized and explained to him that he was just under the assumption that he clearly admitted was wrong. It was then at that precise moment that Kain truly believed that he might be telling him the truth as his anger of comparing Werewolves and Vampires royally pissed him off. Kain quickly followed up on his apology by asking him to please explain in further detail. Stanley, while still standing up and his fist relaxed, stared deep into Kain's eyes and asked a very serious question to him.

“Do you Mr. Edward truly believe in what you write about or hope to believe exist?”

“I do firmly” Kain responded.

Stanley then sat back down softly with saying 'Good'.

Somewhat jokingly, as Kain felt this was going rather fast, he mentioned to Stanley that maybe he should have been a vampire. Kain had only joked that as he always assumed they are charming and decent looking people. Knowing that Stanley was frustrated with the comparisons of Kain's prior question and knowing of course that he was not a vampire, he was simply trying to lighten the mood up.

Just as soon as Kain had asked that question is when Stanley started to laugh. He then stated to him that vampires are worthless and cruel to the human race than any werewolf could ever be or imagine to be. While Kain was still in a joking manner he stated back to Stanley

“So you must be the werewolf then as you suggested?”

Stanley quickly became quiet with yet again that same stare he had given Kain earlier as he stated to him with a sincere gesture.

“What if I really were Kain?”

Finding it hard to believe, Kain started to laugh in an almost hysterical way and with a light chuckle as he replied to Stanley.

“Well, I hope if you were that you would spare my life.”

Stanley didn't budge a bit at the humor, but instead replied.

“I am a Werewolf.”

Kain immediately began to laugh a bit harder and asked in his own sincere voice as he was still intrigued with this man sitting before him.

“Is this the proof you are bringing to the table Stanley?”

There was a calm silence for only a brief moment before Stanley spoke in a forceful voice.

“I did not come here to meet with hopes of trying to amuse you Kain, I came here to share with you what I know. Is that not what you have wanted?”

This is where it became a little more intense as at that moment Stanley was so serious and Kain knew that joking might not be a good idea anymore. It became very real in a short amount of time when suddenly Stanley's phone rang.

He walked away from the table while Kain still remained, so he could not hear who he was speaking with. Stanley, nonetheless, was kind as he turned his back to Kain while putting his pointer finger up to show him it will only be a moment. Upon his return from the short five minute phone conversation, he apologized and told Kain that it was his wife who had called. Kain held everything he could inside to not laugh again and instead asked. with humor while trying to be serious at the same time.

“So, werewolves get married as well?”

While Stanley did seem to have a light side to him as he responded while taking time to reflect that the man he is speaking to is a mortal and is every bit of all humans would act by being confronted with the existence of the creatures of night and folklore, He furthered the conversation.

“Do you like to be lonely Mr. Edward?”

Kain could only reply back to him of his own life and the fact that he had been lonely for many years with never marrying or having kids but only a disability check that shows that he is still alive. To enlighten Kain's mood some Stanley continued.

“My wife and I also have two children, which I know Mr. Edward, that would suggest that we also have sex.”

It was nice to see a bit of humor from his response before he finished with a slight smile while stating to Kain as he continued in more of a jokingly manner.

“I would assume that when I said sex that you immediately had pictured the sexual position of doggy style perhaps, to let you know, we do make love the same as you humans do. We are not dogs, just to remind you of that Kain.”

Kain immediately felt some comfort by his tone and mannerism. He began to explain to Stanley that it is something really hard to believe, that it will take time to digest if this is all true without him showing proof. Stanley still would not budge on showing Kain such requests, which is what Kain ultimately wanted. Realizing that Stanley was more likely not going to show anything that would give him a confirmation, He would do what the purpose was to begin with, ask him more questions for his journal.

“So, how did you and your wife meet?”

Stanley would flash finally a big smile on his face which was the first true one Kain noticed from him on this first, but short visit and also one that expressed how much he loved his wife.

“We met sixty-two years ago in a little cottage just outside of London.”

Kain would laugh lightly while remembering all the movies he had watched growing up as a young child or those of books he had read.

“I see, the American Werewolf in London, I have watched that numerous times over.”

Stanley actually laughed a bit as well while enjoying the very same movie he had watched himself many times over.

“I have watched that a few times, but that really does not portray anything about our breed.”

Finally feeling like they were becoming more acquainted with one another, Kain had to question him on his age of being twenty-six years old, yet had met his wife sixty-two years ago. Stanley began to go in to some great detail explaining to him how life unlike those of vampires is so different.

“This is a significant difference of our respective beings Kain, when you are born a werewolf, you essentially choose what age to slow down your growth and age at. I assure you it is not a good time as one might think. We do not have a fountain of youth or a higher being which you humans call your GOD, We only have one another.”

Kain found that a bit interesting and responded accordingly.

“So if you get to choose your own age, then why did you choose twenty-six years old then?”

With yet again a large smile on Stanley's face he expressed the answer with ease.

“Simple, I am old enough to know a lot of this world we live in, old enough to get married, have kids and so much more. Know that we still age, but it is taken to a factor level that I will not turn another year older or show any signs of age for twenty-six more years, to which is the age I chose. We are not what you humans refer to as immortal just as the Drackulis may appear to be, they too are not. Both of our respective beings can be killed.”

After hearing that, Kain thought it was a really neat concept, but he was still very hesitant with Mr. Swanson which would lead to more questions to him.

“So...the age you chose is the next year of your life which would mean if you would have opted to stay a young child of eleven years old, then you would not age again for another eleven years, is that correct?”

Trying not to confuse himself in these questions, Stanley would explain to Kain as though he has told many others before.

“Exactly Kain, except for one bit of information you should learn or write down if you wish. That would be that we, our breed of werewolves that are born into are not mature to make such decisions until age twelve. Why anyone would want to stay that age is beyond me as I know I sure the hell would not, which is another reason I waited many years later. Some choose to do so at the age of twelve or later because they simply do not wish to live longer and have a better connection of sorts, comfort level if you will.”

Kain started to become very deep with all of this information Stanley was all so willing to share with him, but still had it in the back of his mind that this was all another joke.

“So what of your wife of sixty-two years ago. What was she like or what was her age?”

That would be the only immediate question Kain could draw up in his mind. Always smiling when speaking of his wife, Stanley would go on.

“She, which her name is Julie, was young and beautiful at twenty-three years of age when we married.”

“This is so complicated Mr. Swanson.”

“Please call me Stanley, we are beyond calling one another by our last names.”

Again, Stanley made conversing so enjoyable as it appeared that he had settled in as he removed his jacket by placing it over the chair as Kain continued to ask more questions.

“So did your wife know you were a werewolf or was she already a werewolf, how did all that work out?”

“She was not a werewolf, she chose to be a werewolf. And yes, if I had not saved her from harm, she would have never known me to be the breed I am to this day.”

In a matter of moments the conversation began to pick up a little bit more in depth. While Kain was still doing his very best by trying to piece everything together with what Stanley was willing to share and putting it on paper, Kain would continue asking as many questions of this so called 'werewolf' as he could, knowing this was a time for him to not let go of something so true...a dream if you will.

“So you did not tell her you were a werewolf?”


With his once happy smile, Stanley would fade away from that before continuing on.

“Would you like me to show you something Kain?”

This was the point Kain just knew that he was going to show him proof or something, better yet, that he would become a werewolf. By this point, all the talk and watching his movement was becoming more and more interesting. Kain wanted more of solid evidence as he had been led to believe many stories like this before, just not in such fine detail.

“Is this the part where you turn into your other self or do you have to wait for the full moon?” Kain Smiled.

Stanley however, could only laugh, while he took a drink of the water Kain had offered him while he leaned inward toward the table.

“The full moon you all have grown up to believe to change my breed is merely a myth. We can turn at any time we wish to. The full moon is when we try to protect our young from harm, as they can change easily by the glow as that is a good time for us to hunt. It can for the young or newly transitioned, seem as though they may not have any control at times. How that myth became, I, myself would love to know. The full moon provides much light and you should know Kain that we like to keep as hidden from your kind...humans. It is rare for us to be out late on a full moon. So your moon theory that most believe in is actually opposite from the stories.”

He was still intrigued by what Stanley was sharing with him as they both were willing to get familiar with one another. Kain was still pushing for this proof he had willingly proposed to him.

“Interesting, then why will you not show me that you are a werewolf? You seem to have so much knowledge and I want to believe you Stanley, but you have to know that I have been guided to false hopes for so long.”

Stanley would put both his hands together, making one fist with them, while placing them on the table near the center yet again.

“That is not what I came here for as I mentioned earlier Kain. I am here to share with you insight, explain to you of my breed and let you be aware that we are not hideous monsters that change at the mere sight of moonlight and ravage towns while we kill humans. There is so much you need to know and then perhaps I will show you myself in as what it is you have longed to see.”

Realizing that there is not much Kain could do to persuade him in showing him much if anything at all, Kain figured he could at the least joke a bit more with Stanley.

“So you can show me yourself without being in person?” Kain laughed lightly.

After his short laugh, Stanley stood up from his seat with his once resting hands interlocked, relaxed them with his now palms down on the table just as he had done earlier.

“We have unique abilities like that of what most vampires can do though slightly different, which is to seduce the mind of individuals. While a Drackulis can see the future, the breed of werewolves can see the past and can do so with humans as well.”

It would take everything in Kain's power to not become frustrated with what the movies would suggest. He then told Stanley that he has had enough of him speaking about things that are not a reality. The thought of what Kain has seen in those said movies of vampires going to the future or mind warping someone to the foreseeable time was beginning to be a daunting task for him.

Was Stanley just telling him things for pleasure reasons or is this perhaps something real? Kain could only continue as he could not imagine someone wasting their time or money on this visit with him, which was a disabled freak he had been known for.

“Interesting Stanley, so if you wanted to then, you are telling me that you can take me to certain times of your life then?”

What he replied with was the very proof he was looking for. And that is without Stanley changing to a werewolf which he so wanted to see.

“Yes, not only certain parts of my life, but at any moment of my life as long as it is the past. I could even go back as far as a few seconds ago, sitting here at your very table Kain.”

Kain still not believing him fully, smart ass replied while hoping to not upset him.

“So what do I have to do, close my eyes and count to three?”

Again, Stanley would laugh, which to Kain was a good sign.

“No, but a good joke. You will have to trust me and just look into my eyes.”

With Kain's final sigh, he prepared himself for another slap in the face of a lie before he needed to witness something that he has been wanting for well over twenty years. He would try to keep a straight face. It would not take long for his emotions to pass though. Kain will never forget as he can only remember a few seconds before this crazy and almost like time travel if you will, seeing Stanley's eyes change which was all the proof he needed.

They changed effortlessly from a hazel color to being a very large and dark pupil surrounded by the most beautiful glowing color of light blue. Seconds is all it took and all that Kain was able to prepare for before he was seeing himself from a weird vision like that of a third person view. It was the two of them sitting at the table talking about his 'insight' just moments ago. Just as quick as that happened they were back in 'real time' again.

Being shocked a bit from that experience as it was breathtaking, Stanley tells him that while they were in travel of the past for twenty-six seconds that he had also lost time off of his life and in fact aged a small amount. Kain was fast to become irritable with Stanley as he felt that he was taken advantage of. Thinking in his mind, that Stanley should have told him that it would affect his age or health. Upset as one could imagine, Kain was fast to show his expression towards him.

“What in the hell man? So I just aged over seeing myself and you at my damn table!”

Stanley being his calm and collective self replied the best way that he could as he knew himself this would not be easy for a human to be put through or witness.

“You wanted proof right? Now you have it and just be lucky I did not share with you my entire life. For had I done so to you, it would have only lasted a very short time in hours. When in past travel, you do not have time to heal, eat, drink, or anything you as a human can do on a daily basis. I am sure that you would have died if I had taken you even two solid weeks out of my past, so be grateful Kain.”

Before any shout match could even begin, Kain would ask him while still being frustrated with what all took place of his aging and the past travel.

“So everything seems to work in time with werewolves?”

“Yes, that can be a downfall for you humans we wish to share with.”

The part that was amazing was the fact that they were in this state of mind of past travel, even though he could not move, he felt young again before his accident that paralyzed him. Stanley assured Kain that while in these moments of experiences that he would always be safe and stationary as it is only a vision. These views you cannot act on or change by any means, but as stated that long sessions with no food, hydration or health concerns, those will remain with you.

Kain found this to be so amazing that he wanted to know more. Realizing that he could show him the past of his life and feeling good when in these moments, could not resist but to ask Stanley to show him roots of how he became a werewolf and to explain this slavery and hatred he has towards vampires had originated from. With his head bowed down, he told Kain that his time with him was up for the day and that he needed to get back to his wife and kids. This upset Kain as he was enameled with the truth that he perhaps was in fact meeting with an actual werewolf.

Before Stanley could leave, Kain would pry to him that he still wanted to know more about his wife Julie and how they met, what it was like or how she became a werewolf herself. So many questions remained but time was an inevitable equation. Stanley had to get back with his honor, which was his wife and more importantly his family, as they have two young kids.

With the many questions left unanswered that maybe he was some kind of illusionist or such, Kain had asked in as much of a sincere voice if Stanley would be coming back.

“Yes, as we are not finished yet Kain, we have only started and I have yet to tell you of this war that will one day happen.”

Stanley had replied while opening the front door to leave. Kain even offered him to bring his wife Julie and their kids along upon his return if he wished, but he suggested to him that in any breed of werewolf and their lives, they remain as hidden as possible, just as the vampires do as well. Before Kain could indulge with having that conversation any further, Stanley had thanked him and went on his way to the cab that was waiting for him outside the house.


Stanley would arrive back to his plantation that was in the middle of an almond orchard in a small area just outside of Sacramento, CA. Thrilled to be home and anxious to have met Kain, Stanley was quick with excitement to shout

“Julie, I am back and would love to talk with you about this Kain Edward guy I met, I even showed him a short past.”

Relieved that he was back home and still not sure as to why he had such an interest in meeting Kain over a simple business card he had found, Julie replied with joy from upstairs.

“I will be down in a minute Stan.”

Stanley, while still downstairs and looking forward to seeing his wife and kids shouted yet again towards the upstairs.

“How have the kids behaved?”

“Jade has been doing well today and our son Sabe who takes after you has been on the computer all day.”

Nodding his head in wishing his son would be more active than playing on the computer, he continued the conversation with his wife.

“What has Sabe been doing on the computer all day?”

“Just playing those damn killing games, I think it is called 'Call of Duty' or something, you know the military type stuff.”

Stanley with a slight grin of happiness on his face with both hands on his hips could only feel the wonders of being a parent. As he stood at the base of the staircase, he pulled out the card that he had found at an old ran down gas station restroom of Kain Edward. While he gleamed over it as the thought of making a new friend that is willing to listen to him would be the moment his love of his life would walk down the stairs.

Eyes of his glowed at the astonishing lady he saved and married while the card in his hand had drifted from his grasp and to the floor. Julie fancied in her beautiful red velvet dress, with wavering long brunette hair and a skin tone that simply would glow, was thrilled to see her husband. While in complete bliss of her beauty, Stanley was still fixated on telling her of his visit with Kain as he looked her in the eyes.

“I am going to make a breakthrough with this Kain Edward guy. I shared with him just a little bit about who we are and what we are capable of.”

Standing before him, Julie would question him a small amount and in a disgruntled manner.

“You did not show him anything of major importance or break the code did you?” Julie inquired.

Concerned and baffled by her response of what his intents might be, he replied back.

“I only took him to the past for a few seconds of us sitting at his table and that is all.”

Julie was in fact curious and more so she was seeking for hope, as she knew this may not be a wise decision to share such information. After all, they have always been hidden from the human race and with reasoning.

“Why are you doing this for a human, what is it that you seek from this Kain Edward person?” Julie inquired.

“Because he believes in us love. It is more than that Julie, he listens and if he is willing to listen then he will know that in time if a war were to happen, then perhaps he will at the very least be able to shed light on our breeds behalf. I want him to know that we are not these horrible creatures. You remember how that was for us Julie and how our breed is characterized.”

The tension in the room on the first day back to his family was growing irritable with Julie in an unenlightened way. Late at night and with their kids sleeping, she would try and speak with him in a calm voice even though she was growing old of Stanley's belief in this war he has always claimed would one day happen. Julie, over the many years hearing Stanley, the very Lycan who saved her life became so tired of his discussions with her about this notion that a war between vampires, werewolves and humans will happen.

“What is wrong with letting it be, we do not know if there will be a war or not, we do not sense the future, but only the past Stanley.”

Confused by his excitement and Julie not sharing in his moment, Stanley's face then shifted from happy to frustration.

“Julie, you know that a war is in the making of the future and you also know it is going to bring man kind in the mix. There will be much death and many changes. We need the humans to know they can trust us and not the Drackulis.”

The mood in the room had quickly become to a point that Julie would think to herself that she had dressed up for him, which was pointless as the conversations between both her and him would continue.

“Humans are afraid of both our breed and the Drackulis Stanley, when are you going to realize this?”

In a snapping and bitter tone, Stanley shouted at first before trying to calm his nerves as he continued on.

“I will not realize it Julie! I am simply trying to justify us. We have lived a long time and have a family of our own, these stories and movies are not ever going to end that portray our breed as monsters that just go out and kill humans on a night of a full moon. Last time I checked, more people think that the Drackulis are just amazing creatures of their own right. Screw the movies, look at what they have done to us which is never seen on the screen or read in the books. We were slaves Jules! They, the humans do not know this and I feel it is only right to get the message out.”

Julie with only a look of sympathy and concern for her husband would follow with her own plea to him.

“Stanley, I love you and I believe in you and your journey, but this is not the time. You have not even mentioned why I am dressed up or why Sabe is spending his time killing on the computer or why Jade is shuttered in her own world. Do you know that while you were gone meeting with this Edward guy that you have consumed yourself with, to share what should not be shared, I had to go feed for the kids while they stayed home alone?”

Just as typical life can be when your partner is gone on travel or business. The same would hold true with them as well. Stanley, as he tried to take in what she was saying to him, would respond with the fact that their kids are growing up and should be able in sorts to take care of themselves for a short period of time if need be.

“Sabe is getting old enough to feed himself, he may be fourteen years old but has learned a lot from me. Jade though eleven years old, she is a young girl and I am grateful she is shunning herself from the dangers of this putrid world we live in. Remember this love, we are not hiding just to hide, we are and have always been the hunted from not only the Drackulis but the humans as well. I just do not understand why you are not willing to trust me in the decision of what it is I am trying to do.”

While the argument could stand firm on both sides, Julie holding back her tears of this yelling match by giving him the thought of what had happened with Jade while he was gone was eager to give insight to what Stanley has missed in the short days he was not present.

“It is like missing the first steps of your baby Stanley and you have missed that with Jade.”

Confused by her comment he would ask while shaking his head.

“What could I have missed, she is safe, she is fed and she is loved Julie, what more?”

Again, this was not the response she was wanting to hear from him.

“You really have no clue do you Stanley? Jade has transitioned almost fully to our breed and has done so without much pain. I would have thought of our entire breed that you might find that interesting. Our son Sabe does so without a single crackling of his bones and he goes about at times in doing so with ease. I find it hard to manage him as he tries to replicate you. The kids need their father Stanley!”

Stanley trying to avoid the situation and conversation as feeling a bit ashamed of himself calmly would say to her in an uneasy voice.

“I know my children, our children Julie.”

As he falls to one knee weak with the thought of their daughter at such a young age transitioning. Stanley does his best to reassure Julie that he will figure something out in time.

“I have never heard of a breed able to do what you suggest our daughter has done. While this grows concerns for me Jules, I will contact a friend of mine to see if he might know of such a possibility as what might be happening with our daughter. I will not allow this to intervene with the journal that Kain has begun to write nonetheless, and I only ask you for your blessing.”

Julie on the other hand was growing weak of the conversation as Stanley was still adamant of finishing what he had already begun with Kain and this written journal. It would be then that she would finish stating to him before walking back up the very staircase she had come down from in hopes to surprise her husband.

“With all that I have just said to you Stanley, it yet yields your intent on your desire and desperation of a war you see will come forth. At the sake of our own young children and their changes, you will still pursue this desire you crave. What have you not listened of me Stanley?”

Julie makes her way to the first step while holding back tears before stopping to look back at him to show her expression of being upset.

“Oh, Stan, this is not the life I had planned that you would go as far as to meet a human and expose us. You could be putting us in danger, can you not think about that or the danger you may put all of us in. Have you not even thought about what fellow breeds would think if they knew of what it is you are doing or the code we pride ourselves with?”

As the dying argument would continue as neither one of them could see eye to eye, Stanley shouted under his breath again at her.

“It was the life you planned when you wanted me to bite you and make you one of us dammit!”

Just as people shout and say things when they are upset, the same would be proven of the comment Stanley made towards Julie to a certain degree.

“I am not going to go through this this evening Stanley, I was just glad that you were home and was wanting us to do something nice for the evening together.”

Stanley would go on to explain to his wife that their time to relax with one another or do something nice for the evening, would try to end the conversation by letting her know that all will have to wait as he is flying out to see Kain in the morning. Julie was crushed by this new knowledge of him leaving so fast.

“Screw Kain, Stan! What about your damn family!”

He then expressed the fact that he was here now with her, but they are arguing over something that is not going to change, before saying to her.

“When will you see the importance?”

Julie, while remaining at the first step of the staircase and fighting back more tears she had already allowed to stream down her face, she expressed with concern.

“Why you though? I do not hear of any others of our breed seeking help from a human, why you, why all of a sudden are you wanting to carry through with sharing of who we are?”

At this point Stanley was just furious and upset with her not understanding or wanting him to change his mind or give up on setting what he believes to be of the most importance to their existence.

“First of all, you were brought in as a breed not born as one, as I stated to you, I saved your life and for this one instance you cannot see my reasoning for wanting to warn humans of what will eventually happen. You were not there when my father had to send my mother, his wife off to a Drackulis to be a damn hell hound, while my father, brother and I watched them take her. The burning of our breed. as we were outnumbered by them, the hate, the fog, the rage we had but could not do anything much about or the damn fact my father told my brother and I to run as fast as we could through the woods as a battle was waging. I promise you Julie, it is going to happen again but it will be much worse with humans involved if they do not trust our breed. That was the last time my brother and I would ever see our father again and I will not allow the same to happen to our kids.”

Julie was fast to scorn Stanley back by his comments he had made towards her.

“This is what you think of at nights when we are together? You are so drawn up in the past that you cannot let go and then you take me as though I am not a breed of yours? I am ashamed of you Stanley. Regardless of a possible war you think will happen in the future, you disrespect me in such a manner, that I am only glad that Jade and Sabe are sleeping right now. You go ahead and visit this Kain human and share everything you want to with him if that helps you rest better at night, but perhaps you will do it in a better manner than you have done so with me this evening.”

As she begins walking upstairs as which she had come down from in what was supposed to be a great and relaxing night, Stanley tries to call her back.

“Julie, I am sorry, can we please talk calmly?”

He would shout in almost a begging tone. The damage had been done, but he did hear a subtle voice which was that of their son Sabe who was standing around the corner at the top of the stairs. He walked down the very steps that his mother went back up.

“Dad, I am ready for a war as I have heard over many years now you speak of the Drackulis.”

“Son, this war is not a place for you as we have to maintain our breed, which is why a person such as Kain is so important to me. One day you will understand of what it is that I am doing.”

As this is taking place, Sabe goes to transition into a werewolf to prove to his father that he is no longer small, but instead ready.

“I can take care of myself father and I even fed myself the other night while you were gone, just don't tell mom as she too went to gather food for us.”

“Son, I am proud of you, but this is not about strength, intelligence or even the war, it is about sustaining our lively hood. We have hid for a long time now and we may very well do so for another couple hundred of years, but why not share some glory to teach those that do not know that we can be trusted unlike the Drackulis?”

Sabe had no real response to his father's statement, but just wanted him to trust them and what his mother was trying to tell him, though he only was able to hear just a bit of the conversation that both his father and mother had. The mood quickly became a bit more relaxed as it was becoming much later at night.

“Son, I do trust you all and tell me that you did not hunt near a farm?”

“Not to close.....”

“Tell me you did not approach a farm son!”

Sabe finally would admit that he was on a farm the night that he would catch his own food and then apologized to his father for not being honest with him at first.

“Dammit son, what have I told you about that?”

Tired from the arguing with his wife not long ago, Stanley refocused his attention to a more positive mood as he continued the conversation with his son.

“So what did you get for dinner then, tell me at least a baby goat, son?”

“Six chickens dad.”

While rubbing Sabe's head in a gesture of doing a good job, looking up at the ceiling, he is a proud father. Stanley then goes on to explain the importance of not running out late at night to feed as he is young yet and the Drackulis just like fellow breed of Werewolves are everywhere, but there is no need for a war to start earlier then needs to be. He would go on to further explain that farmers report missing stock and have been known to shoot at those that take from them. Stanley while proud of Sabe tells his son to watch after his mother and sister as his flight back to Stull, KS will continue in the morning.

“Will do dad and with what mother had said, I hope she is wrong.”

“Get to bed son, I will see you soon.”

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