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Adventures of Shane Vegas

 In 2009 I got my first passport, I was around 26 at the time and I had never left the country apart from trips to Ireland when I was young. My first holiday was in Rhodes with my girl and her parents, her sister and her kids, her auntie and uncle,

So anyway the first day in Rhodes, I'm by the pool with my girl and notice this other girl keeps looking at me, I was looking back but couldn't be to obvious, she had these lovely eyes and long blonde hair, she was with a baby and two guys and a girl, it didn't seem like she was with the other guy so I assumed they were all friends and that's it.

I was waiting till the bar opened by the pool so I could start my first holiday right by drinking the bar dry,

I knew if I went to the bar and she came after it meant she's on it, and that's exactly what happened, I heard her London accent so asked where she was from, Greenwich she said and asked me the same, Kilburn I replied and we started conversing, turns out she's single, I left it there cos I didn't want my girl and her family to see.

Later that night after dinner we went to the hotels entertainment section and started drinking hard , i noticed the girl from the pool was there and we kept meeting eyes so I done the bar trick again and straight away she did to, she's on it I thought and started taking again, went to sutvnack down and my girl decided to start being a bitch to me and arguing so I thought fuck this and went for a walk on the beach, guess who had the same idea as me, yep the Greenwich chick, it was dark now and no one could see us, she had her kid in the pram, fast asleep.

It was time, we started kissing in the sun lounger, them taking off clothes and fucked right there on the beach, it was amazing, the fact I shouldn't be doing this made it more exciting, 

After we walked back to the hotel and on the only path through was rooms either side, my girls auntie was smoking on the balcony so I dropped to the floor and started army crawling behind a wall which the Greenwich chick made her way to her room. I done it, got away, no one seen me, Fuck yeah what an experience.

It pretty much carried on that way for the next 7days on holiday. Rhodes 2009, what an experience.

Thailand 2010, couldn't believe I'm going there, I'm buzzing with excitement.

After an 11 hour journey we land in Bangkok, my girl her two friends and one of their fellas, his name was Liam, an Irish lad and we got on straight away, he became my adventure buddy. 

Bangkok day one, the place stinks, we put our bags down got ready and headed to the Kosan road, renowned for partying every one goes there it was crazy, a real eye opener, seedy and dirty place but I loved it straight away, we all go to this big bar and started getting messy, my life long pal Gary turned up with his missus and friends it was brilliant, me and Gary left the others and went to look for his friend who we ended up finding in some alley way, some Thai bird was sucking him off, I seen she had big feet for a girl and her hands were the same,  'Gary that's a fucking dude bro ' we were pissing our selves laughing, Gary's mate seemed to not care at all, when in Rome ay.

So all the rest of the gang our looking for us now we've been gone a while, we met two girls and next thing we're in some weird place in ransid Bangkok with two Thai girls, Gary's fucking next door and I'm getting a blowie, he came quick so he just waited and watched me getting sucked off, when i was done we headed back to the others, they were fuming but had no clue what we had done. 

Two days later with the worst hangover in the world we flew to the islands, ok samui I had heard of it but to see it was something else, paradise, we got 13 days left. Gary went to the islands on the west coast of Thailand, the girls split us up cos they knew we were liabilities together so we went our separate ways, fucking love that dude,see u back in London gaz.

After getting paralytic in samui for a week we got the ferry to panang, what an island, it was beautiful, behind the times in comparison to samui, more wild and lots of untouched land, it was perfect for me to explore so me and Liam got a moped each, his was pink with a basket on the front, it was hilarious seeing a tall paddy on it, my one was nice and fast so off we went and left the moody birds behind, fuck em, I'm gonna enjoy myself.

Riding around the island on my bike in flip flops and shorts and Liam trailing behind in my wing mirrors I see a forest and though fuck it let's have a look, parked up and started wondering about,

I found a waterfall which I could climb up, we started making our way up and i could hear laughter and splashing if water so I went for a look, there was a Thai family in a deep crevasse which was filled with water so i dived in, it was heaven, we were so high up well about tree level I could see for miles, the hairs on my arms stood up I couldn't believe where I was, I looked up and thanked god.

Later that night we all went to the strip in hadrin, the home of the infamous full moon parties it was crazy, drinking alcohol out of buckets we all got shitfaced and partied till the girls looked like raving alkys.

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