Falling Petals

A story as old as time, with a twist. Annabella Kingsly has known about her family's financial situation ever since she stopped having birthday parties when she turned five. Things only got worse once her mother was admitted to the hospital with a diagnosis of terminal breast cancer. With her father's mechanic business beginning to go...

Our Project

"We're supposed to be working on the art project." I told Craig. He's lying down on the grass, his sketch book draped over his face so as to block the sun from his view. "I am." He said and I roll my eyes and sigh. At this rate we'd get no where and I'd suffer the consequences more so than him. "Come on Craig. I'll scream in your ear...


This is my burden and my gift. No one can know and no one will know. This mask is all that i have and it will stay with me for as long as I live, never cracking or breaking. It is my curse and my blessing. It is my mask. How does one live in a world where mercy is killing someone? Hiding her emotions behind a mask, seventeen-year-old...

Ridley & Jay

Could you ever hand your parents over to the police? For Ridley this is a definite no. She could never do such a thing because to her, they have never done anything wrong. It’s always her own fault and the bruises and scars on her body remind her of this every day. From her own perspective her parents don’t hurt her. To her, they don’t...

Without the Sun

What would you do if one day the sun just vanished? Would you lose your mind? Or would you cope and find a way to survive? Myra Kolhand doesn't know which category she belongs to. Sometimes she feels as if she's losing her mind. Other times, it's like she doesn't even care. She knows how to survive and that's all that matters.


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