Vampires in a Human World


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Chapter 1

 James walked into the diner and sat in a booth by himself. A perky blonde waitress with the bluest eyes came up to him.

"Hi what can I get for you?" She said to him. She was beautiful. James let his eyes travel over her body before replying "Just a water." The waitress smiled. 

"One water coming right up!" She said cheerfully. And she walked away. James wondered how a waitress could be so happy. It's not a very exciting job. 

A short while later the girl returned with a glass of water.

"Thanks." James said. The waitress turned to walk away but James stopped her. "What's your name?" She turned around.

"Lenore." She said before turning and walking away.

"I'm James" he called after her. Lenore smiled and continued to walk back to the bar. 

"Why you so happy?" Lenore's friend and coworker Anna asked her.

"That guy over there." She pointed with a nod. "He's a vampire." Anna looked at her in shock. 

"Lenore. Don't get involved with vampires. They're dangerous." Anna said to her. 

"I'm not stupid Anna. And I can take care of myself." She spoke back. Anna rolled her eyes and walked away. 

Lenore walked into the back room to get her stuff when she was stopped by her boss.  Jack Benton. He was always in love with her, but she never felt the same way. 

"Stay away from the vampire." He stated harshly. Lenore looked at him in shock.

"You can't tell me what to do." She snapped back at him. He tools a step forward towards her and she tried to move backwards but hit a wall. Stupid wall. 

"Lenore. Stay. Away. From the vampire." He spat at her.

"If you don't get away from me right now I'm gonna quit." She threatened. Jack took a step back and let her pass him. Lenore walked out of the back door and headed toward her car in the empty car park. 

"Hey." A voice behind her said.

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Chapter 2

 Lenore turned. She smiled when she saw that James, the vampire was stood in front of her. 

"Hi." She said back. She caught herself at him. All of his features. His piercing black eyes looking straight into hers, his dark brown hair. 

"Your drooling." James spoke softly, for a vampire. 

Lenore looked at him." No I'm not!" She yelled. James smirked. He was very cocky. 

"What are you doing out here alone? At night?" He asked her.

"Talking to a vampire." She blurted out." James raised and eyebrow at her.

 "How do you know I'm a vampire?" He questioned. She gulped and moved back becoming more nervous. 

"I'm not going to hurt you Lenore. I just wanted to know how you know." She looked down at the ground. 

"It's kind of obvious, to me anyway. You only come in at night, your always alone and your very pale." Lenore reached forward and caressed his cheek. "Your also very cold." She moved her hand away from his face and bit her lip. 

"Don't bite your lip." James said more aggressively.  She looked at him. It became very awkward.

"I have to go, my brother will be waiting for me. Bye" she said. 

"Lenore." James called out. "Goodnight." She smiled and got in her car. 

Soon after her encounter with a vampire, Lenore walked up the steps and into her house.

"Evan!" She called out. No answer. "Evan where are you?" Still no response. She walked upstairs to where his room would be and knocked on the door. "Evan are you in there?" She slowly pushed open the door. She screamed. Evan was there. In a pool of his own blood. 

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Chapter 3

 Lenore ran over to Evan's body. She screamed again. "Evan! No!" She called out repeatedly. 

"Lenore!" James yelled from behind her. Without thinking she ran over to James and hugged him. James held her close and wouldn't let go.

"How did you find out where I lived?" She asked not letting go of him. 

"That doesn't matter." He replied. Lenore was still crying. James let go of her and cleaned her tears from her eyes with his hand. 

"What are we going to do?" Lenore asked. She looked him in the eyes begging for his help. James gave in.

"You have to call the police." He said. 

"What about you?" She asked. He looked down at her. 

"It's up to you, but call the police." He replied.

Around fifteen minutes later Lenore and James were sat on the steps that lead into her house. They were sat in silence while the inside of her house was crawling with police officers. 

"So, Lenore." James finally broke the silence." You know a lot about me so far, tell me something about you." She looked at him, giving an effortless smile. 

"I have kids." She said. "A boy and girl. Twins." James looked at her and smiled. 

"I love kids! What are there names?" He asked

"Noah and Eden. They're twelve." She replied. "They come back from summer camp tommorow." James looked at her confused.

"You look a little young to have twelve year olds. How old are you?" He questioned. 

"Twenty-Seven. And I don't want to talk about it." 

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