Cherry (BoyxBoy|Vampire|WereWolf)


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Rio Cherry is a small wolf, with his dark grey fur and white fur on his paws that make it look like socks he can hide easily. The dominate wolves in his pack are after him to breed him, with his consent or not they all want him.

Rio is also quiet small. 5'3 with mismatched eyes, one light blue almost white and the other dark brown almost black, has dark red hair and has a talent for drawing but he spends most of his time with a pack of wild wolves and sleeps in hollows of trees so he can stay away from the pack of werewolves.

But he he always being watched.

Vincent Anglo is an ancient Vampire. 22,000 years old but in his human years, forever 22.

He has been watching Rio since the day he was born, with his addicting honey and cherry scent and adorably small stature he knew that Rio was his one and only beloved. 

Vincent has always been looking out for his little wolf, keeping him warm when sleeping alone in a hollow of an old tree or chasing off some of the wolves that try to mate him, he will always look after Rio.

Even if kidnapping is needed.

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Chapter 1.

I stomp on the dominant males foot as hard as I can and run when he lets go of me, I zoom out the door and into the thicket of forest before striping quickly and shifting into my small wolf. I sniff out my little den that I have made across the stream, the water is icy and fridged but it is worth it so no other wolves find me. As soon as I get out of the water I know that my sweet scent is gone and I am safe "Thank goddess." I mumble in my head as I slow to a trot, getting closer to my little safe haven. ---Are you alright Rio?--- my wolf, Vio, asked, sending me comfort. ---Yeah Vi, I am alright. Just tired.--- Vio sighs and gives me some positive energy before curling into the back of my mind.

After a few more minutes I find the same hollow I have been using for a few months now as a home, pushing some branches, a really big piece of bark and leaves out of the way, I crawl through the small opening before shifting and putting on my thick clothing. I pull the branches, bark and leaves into place then curl up on the thick quilt I brought at the markets a few weeks ago. "Why do I have to be an omega?" I whimper to myself just as I start to drift off to sleep.


I wake with a start, gasping as I reach out to grab nothing, the shock of the dream left me damp with sweat and shaking like a leaf o a stormy day. "What the hell?" I groan before leaning back on soft quilt. I take a deep breath smelling the dewy grass and rain in the air, it brings me comfort knowing that I am still in my hollow and not chained in a room with a heavy metal collar around my neck. I hear a rustling near the entrance had my hackles raising slightly, taking a deep breath I freeze when the smell of the familiar family of wild wolves come to my nose. A smile breaks onto my face just as I start to strip, shifting into my small wolf and knocking the 'door' out of the way so I can go and see my little family.

As soon as I see the alpha I let out a whine and lay on my back, showing my belly and neck in submission, he sniffs around my body, shoving his nose into my neck and giving it a sharp nip before letting me get up. I yip at the young pups as they come running to me for some playtime, I go down in a playful bow and they follow my lead before they all lunge at me, causing an excited giggle to come out. It sounded more like a gagging wheeze then a giggle...

After an hour more of playing the alpha growl to the pups, making them run to him and nip at his large, dark paws. He lets out a huff and some of the pack females pick up the little trouble makers by their scruff of their necks. I give the alpha a bark, which he quickly gets his attention, and I motion to my little hollow, he looks at the hollow before walking over o it and shuffling inside. I think he seems to like it because he lets out a quick howl to let the others know that he is there and they all rush off inside with me following along after them, I turn to pull the bark back to cover the small entrance before going over to the cuddling pack of wild wolves, the comfort they give me knowing I am safe and warm is amazing and before I know it, I am pulling into a peaceful sleep.



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