A Perfect Myth


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I am writing two books at the moment this one and By a Thread so I hope you understand I don't update as much as you'd like, I try to get a chapter out once a week, so two a week one for each book.

I hope you enjoy my story even if there are a few typos.


"Many people inspire me, Pink the amazing singer and song writer, of which her song Perfect inspired this book. NF the Christian rapper who pretty much sums up anything I've ever felt in a four minute song. People inspire us all the time, but what do we do with these inspirations?"


Dedicated to my future daughter, and my little sisters,

'Perfection is an aimless goal, reach for the stars as you are.'


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"Not today buddy," I pulled out my gun and aimed carefully at the man running in front of me. Bang Bang "Gotcha!" the bullet landed right behind his knee cap. Something tells me he wont be running anywhere for a while, but just to be sure... "AHHHH" another bullet through the other knee wont do any harm.
"I got him Boss," I spoke through my headset whilst I tied my moaning victim up by the hands and searched him for weapons.
"Excellent work Kai will be bring the car; be ready." My  bosses  deep voice crackled through my headphones.
I sat down, satisfied the victim was defenceless, he moaned, "Oh shut up you'll get a pain killer soon enough."
"You...you're a girl?" Stupid man, can't shut up.
"I am a women ​actually,​ now shut up before a shoot your tounge too."
He grunted and shut up. it didn't take long for Kai to come with the car and help me carry the nos unconscious victim into the car. "Did you check for guns?" Kai huffed as we threw the bloody body into the boot of our limo.
"Yes I'm not an amateur Kai." I rolled my eyes what is it with men and underestimating me.
"Feisty tonight sunshine? I can handle feisty." Kai, clearly flirting, winked at me as I climbed into my seat.
"In your dreams cousin." I liked to remind Kai that we were related.
We arrived soon enough to our base, last job for the night, give the prisoner a sedative then see the boss.
"You go see the boss Kels, Jesse will help me with Green." Kai said as he popped a pill into the now screaming mans mouth, Kai was too nice, this man deserved pain.
I rolled my eye and walked inside, greeted as always by Brad my body guard, though I insisted I didn't need such a beast to follow me around but no one listened or cared.
"Successful miss?"
"Of course Brad, when have I not been?" It wasn't really question but Brad never got sarcasm
"Its not my place to remind you, but last time you shot the wrong man." Brad never failed to remind me of my past failures.
"Last time meaning last year? Yes but it was you that told me to shoot; my dear friend."
"Ouch, friend zoned again?" A chuckle escaped Brads lips.
"As always." I smiled at the ground as Brad knocked on the Bosses door.
"I am in." I rolled m eye at my fathers absent minded ways.
"Kelsey! I trust you didn't disappoint me tonight?" He looked at me from under his personal cloud of smoke.
"Pfft when do I not disappoint you?" I was a bitter child, and I showed it proudly.
"Mhmm good point. Go home and get some rest, I have a job for you tomorrow."
He waved to the two way mirror behind me and soon enough Brad appeared at the door ready to take me home. I got up and walked out; my dad nodded to Brad then looked back to his work.
We walked into the main foyer of our warehouse, there was a face I didn't reckonise. My father never hired new 'staff'...like ever.
"Who's that?" I asked Brad nodding towards the tall brown head newbie.
"Sam Kensington."
"What's he here for?" I stopped in my tracks and looked this Sam person over.
"Work." Lets go Kelsey.
"I think I should introduce myself." I walked over to Sam leaving Brad huffing behind me.
He looked at me and smiled, his green eyes were dull but mysterious. His skin was a dark tan colour, but not orange more a natural tan. He was bloody gorgeous.
"I'm Kelsey Michigan, Secret Agent." I smiled sweetly at him and stuck my hand out.
"Sam Kensington, Gunman." He shook my hand.
"I though id just introduce myself, we don't get many new guys here." I turned to leave.
"Yes. Your father hired me."
I turned and nodded then walked out with Brad.


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Playing with Fire




I watched Kelsey and Brad leave, her chestnut hair would look amazing over her shoulders, but she had it tied up in a messy bun. Her face would look like a vision with no makeup, but yet she covered up gods art with humans paint. I sighed, I needed to stop thinking about her. I had a job, and from what I've heard her dear father was ruthless and wasn't afraid to beat sense into his men.

​I walked down the winidng halls, noting the wall paper peeling and thinking in my mind how much this place needed a really good scrub down. Not that anyone here is sober enough to do it except maybe Kelsey...and me. I wonder if it hard for her being the only girl, or maybe she enjoys it.

​I turned right down the last hallway and knocked on the first door to my left just as Kai told me too. COME IN!

I took a deep breath, and opened the door.

​The office was smaller than I thought, the only thing the room was a desk, a chair and a mirror on the opposite wall of the desk. I walked over to the desk, "Kai sent me sir."

​"Ahh Sam sit," He waved his hand to the chair so I sat.

​"We need to discus why I hired you. I never hire anyone out side of the men's family, I know you're a solo dealer but you're stealthy and clever." He took a long drink of some kind of alcohol from a flask.

"Thank you sir." I nodded politely at his praise.

"I need a body guard for Kelsey, my daughter."

"What about Brad...sir?" I was confused and instantly suspicious.

​"Brad is her driver, but I need him else where. Kelsey is a special agent and best shooter and manipulator. How ever she is also my daughter and I want her safe."

"Of course. What does it include."

​"Payment of course, accommodation all the basics." He took another sip of his drink.

​"I mean what will looking after Kelsey involve?"

​"Not 'looking after' protecting...with your life. You see Kelsey has enemy's. She is a shooter, a wanted woman. And being my daughter she is an easy target for other gangs to try and get me."

​"Understood." I leaned back in my chair. "I will do it."

​"That's what I like to hear, Kelsey is difficult but she means well."

​With that he got up shook my hand and led me to the door. "Oh you will need to see Kai and ask him to fix you up with head set. I'll let Kels know about the recent changes. Good night."

​Before I could reply he has shut the door. 'Now to find Kai. I wonder how Kels will feel about this.'





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