A Newport Summer


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Summer Begins

“Casey! Casey wake up!” An all too familiar voice called with more excitement than usual.

“What?” She drawled out as she opened her eyes to her brightly lit room of morning sun, her eyes squinting trying to adjust before they focused in on Amber’s freckled face staring down at her, smiling wide. “God what time is it? And why are you smiling like that?”

“7 and because I have an offer you simply won’t want to refuse.” She grinned even wider.

Intrigued Casey sat up; rubbing the sleep from her eyes “I’m telling you now it better be damn good to have me awake this early first day of summer break.”

“You know after 11 years of waking you up and keeping your ass in school, you’d think you’d be a little more grateful of my presence in the morning” Amber glared at her best friend before making herself comfortable on the end of Casey’s bed.

“You’d think, but nah.” Casey laughed. “Now are you going to tell me what’s got you in such a” she paused, waving her hands trying to think of the word “Whatever mood this is?”

“So you know how I’ve been trying to convince my parents to let us go to our Beach House in LA like all year?”
“Yes?!” Casey’s voice pitched with excitement.

“Well, they said that we could go, but”

“Damn I hate buts.” Casey interrupted.

“But we have to let Joel and Max come as like authorities, you know to keep us out of trouble.” Amber rolled her eyes, knowing damn well that it was just an excuse to justify letting them go, her hazel eyes beamed anxiously waiting for her friend’s opinion.

Joel was Amber’s older brother. He was 19, 2 years older than them both and he wasn’t exactly the best authority figure. Let’s just say he had a few run ins with the law lately. Max just happened to be Ambers crush and Joel’s best friend, so of course she was down with it, which meant I had to be down with it.  

“Well?” Amber asked, breaking Case from her thoughts.
“Well obviously I’m in but are they? I mean the guys.” She added “And why on earth do your parents think sending your brother as our authority is a good idea? We’d be better looking after ourselves considering all the trouble he’s been in this past year.”
“Well it took some time but once I mentioned lots of girls in bikinis and no parents he was in and Max followed lead.” She laughed even though it didn’t follow through to her eyes. Casey knew it had to hurt Amber having the guy she liked look at others, but she rarely showed how it affected her. “To be honest, I think they know we could do it ourselves but they need a break from Joel and his crap and Max seems to keep him line, well most the time. But who cares why, we actually get to go.” She chimed happily.

“Well maybe, now I just need to convince my mum.” Casey sighed.

“Like that’ll be hard, you’re an angel, your mum is super trusting and believes in you making the right choices.”

“Doesn’t mean she will just let me fly all the way to LA for 3 months” Casey protested.

“Well there’s only one way to know, get your lazy ass up and ask her!”


Casey took a few moments to actually move from her bed but soon enough found herself making her way downstairs, Amber following. Her mum was up as per usual cooking there traditional Saturday breakfast; Bacon and Eggs with a fresh pot of coffee.

Sarah hummed as she buzzed around the kitchen. She was the “cool” mum according to all Casey’s friends and she was, but Case was never going to admit to that, however, it was hard to believe that Casey was her daughter considering they were polar opposites. Casey liked organization and order, Sarah was as care-free as you could imagine, but it didn’t affect their relationship any, if anything it made it stronger, they were the best of friends but it had a lot to do with the fact that it had been just them two since Casey could remember.

“Morning Mum” Casey said as cheerily as she could.

Sarah turned smiling. “Good morning girls” She paused as she placed a plate full of food down on the table. “I’m surprised to see you so early first day of break Casey, did Amber not get the memo?” Sarah smiled, joking with her two favorite girls. After all Amber was practically her adopted daughter. She was here every day, not to mention that she only lived next door and had done so since Casey was 5. Although they hated each other at first, they quickly grew on each other when Joel one day through mud pies at them in the middle of a tiff over which ninja turtle was cooler, which then quickly turned the two of them into a team taking him down. The three of them had been attached ever since.

“Trust me no one is more surprised than I am, but I guess that’s what happens when your best friend is the freaking mother of good early mornings.”

“Oh shush I had my reasons, don’t be so dramatic.” Amber rolled her eyes.
“Yeah well luckily today you did.” She smiled, taking a seat at the table and plating up some food, Amber following her lead.

“So do I get to know this reason?” Sarah butted in as she placed more bacon and eggs on the table, naturally just making enough for the three of them.

“Well yes,” she paused swallowing her nerves “You know how the Conrads have the beach house in LA?”

“Mhmm” Sarah replied simply as she sat down to join them, her eyebrows furrowing slightly.

“Well Amber has been begging for the past year now about going on our summer break and Holly and John finally agreed.” She paused, looking at her mother, trying to observe her thoughts but got nothing. “We, well I was wondering if it’d be ok for me to go too.”

“Well I don’t know, are any of the other Conrads going? It’s a long way from home if anything happens? And how long are you planning on being away?”

Casey went to reply but Amber butted in cutting her off. “Joel and Max are going and we were thinking to be away the whole summer break”

“But what about your 18th Case?“ Sarah’s attention suddenly fell on her daughter.

“I didn’t think of that, but it’s just another birthday mum, I’m going into adulthood and I really want to do this. You know me, I’m not reckless and I’ll make the right choices, as I’ve always done.” She played the angel daughter card.

“It’s not that, I know you will.” She paused looking over at Amber “And this is nothing to do with you sweetheart, but Joel isn’t exactly the best authority figure, I don’t want you girls getting into trouble and not having him there to get you out of it.”

Casey sighed, not sure where to go with this, did she push it or not. Playing with her food, silence quickly fell.

“I get your worries Ms Adams, and you can talk to my parents if you need more reassurance, but we really won’t be straying far from the beach house, we just want to lay around on the beach with the occasional shop and dinner outings. We aren’t going to be terrors; we just want to have fun before starting our senior year.” Amber’s hazel eyes glued to Sarah’s face practically pleading.

“Well you girls are going to have a stressful year.” Sarah spoke to herself, taking a sip of her coffee, losing herself in thought. Casey and Amber ate anxiously as they waited for her to come back from where ever she was.

A few moments later she finally arrived back to the present and looked at both girls. “Alright, fine.” The girls squealed in excitement. “But I have conditions.” She added.

“Anything” Casey replied quickly, Amber nodding in agreement.

“I want a direct number to Joel, so I can call anytime and check on you and I want to speak to you every day be it on the phone or text just to know you are ok and if at any point I hear or see of any trouble that you may cause you will be on a flight straight home. Understand?” Sarah looked at both of them intently, her lips pursed.

“Yes of course!” Casey jumped up and ran around the table to her mother. “Thank you so much, I love you so much mum! Thank you, thank you, thank you!” Casey leaned down and hugged her mum tightly, Amber quickly joining in making it a group hug.

“You seriously are the coolest Sarah!” Amber chimed in.

“Yes I know, I know” She smiled. “Well you girls finish up here and I’ll duck next door and discuss flights and money and so on.” She nodded finishing her coffee off then stood and headed out of the kitchen and out the front door.

Casey and Amber had waited to hear the click before jumping up and down again laughing and squealing in excitement once again. Anyone would think they were still little kids excited about having their first sleepover.
“I can’t believe she said yes, you totally nipped it in the butt with your genius speech and your puppy eyes Ambs”

“I know” She laughed taking a bow. “You owe me” she grinned, before jumping up and down once again. “I can’t believe this is actually happening we are going to LA!”

“I know I still can’t believe it.” Casey grinned before doing a happy dance around the kitchen.

“This is going to be the best summer we’ve ever had!” Amber exclaimed, Casey nodding in agreement.

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Goodbye Charlotte, Hello LA

It had been exactly 51 hours since Casey had been given permission to go to LA with her best friend and now as they wait at the airport, she couldn’t believe this was about to happen, her heart raced anxiously, this would be the furthest she’d been from her mum and Charlotte, her hometown in North Carolina ever. Once all goodbyes and reminder of rules were said, they made their way to the gate. Pacing back and forth waiting to board, she glanced over at Joel and Max, who were talking about some band, she briefly observed Joel’s messy dark brown hair and unshaven face, she didn’t mind the unkempt look on him it was kind of hot, not that she would ever be into him, that’d be wrong on so many levels, it simply looked good was all. Joel’s dark grey eyes drifted up to hers, liked he sensed he was being watched, his face was expressionless, but this was nothing new, dark and mysterious had been his thing the past 3 years, she honestly couldn’t remember the last time she saw him with a genuine smile, she wondered what had caused the change in him, but never dared ask, she offered a nervous smile and went and sat next to Amber.

“So what’s the plan?” Casey smiled, trying to turn attention to her friend instead of on her nerves.

“What do you mean what’s the plan?” Amber replied confused.

“About you and Max” she chuckled.

“There neither is nor will ever be a plan Casey” She shot her an evil glare.

“Oh come on, this is your chance” She tried to encourage her friend.

“Nope I’m fine thank you, now if you don’t mind I’m going to continue this very intriguing book.” She grinned and refocused her energy to her current read ending the conversation there. Stubbornness had to be her biggest downfall, followed close by her seriousness. If only she could let it go and learn to have some fun with life.

Sighing Casey stood and walked over to the window looking out at the tarmac. She was startled by Joel who broke her from her thought. “It’s never going to happen you know” His voice huskier than usual or maybe that’s just how it was now, she didn’t know they rarely spoke anymore.

“What?” she asked confused.

“Max and Ambs” He looked over his shoulder first at his sister then his friend, Casey’s gaze following his. “They’re both too stubborn to make that initial move, but mostly he isn’t a relationship sorta guy.”

“Were you eavesdropping Joel Conrad?” Casey folded her arms as she looked up at him. Wow he had gotten tall and had muscle, lots of them, when did that happen and how hadn’t she noticed before?

“Well yes and no, but I do have eyes just like you and I do spend time with both of them equally” He paused as he watched her observe his figure before continuing, “Not that Max has ever admitted to any form of feelings, I don’t think he has the balls, but I know and he knows that” He added, before looking back out the window.

“Well that’s why I’m going to try and get her out of her comfort zone this summer, so she can make a move, you know you can help if you want” She paused smirking, letting her eyes take in his chiseled jawline. “But to be honest I’m surprised you even paid attention to notice, you seem so into yourself lately that no one else matters around you.” She said rather blatantly but it had been true, they all use to be so close and then he just cut them out like they didn’t matter, she still wish he had told them why or at least her.

“Just because I disconnected myself from you two doesn’t mean I’m oblivious or don’t care I just” he stopped himself from continuing, shaking his head once “never mind, but good luck with that, however I shall not help you hook up my best friend and sister” he paused “and keep in mind this summer is about you too, not just her, try and get something out of this for yourself.” He turned and walked back over to his friend and sat down, his dark orbs lingering longer than usual on her.

Breaking the gaze between them she returned to her seat next to Amber and waited in silence thinking about what he’d said, she did often get caught up in her ideas and plans, that opportunities she got she ended up missing out on. Maybe he had been right. But she could try and do both or at least she promised to try. This summer had to be perfect for her and for Amber.


After 5 hours in air, Casey was glad to finally be at LAX. The flight had been stuffy and crowded, not to mention loud. Planes had always been one of those things that put her extremely out, the lack of personal space made her feel claustrophobic, well that and the worry of the plane crashing and not being able to do anything but sit in fear and pray for dear life. The whole process just simply made her antsy and more anxious then she liked, luckily for her the excitement of being in LA quickly drowned out the memory and anxiety of the flight.


“So what’s the plan from here?” Casey questioned Joel, seeing as he was in charge of actually getting them all to the beach house.

“Well there should be a bus waiting out there in roughly 35 maybe 45 minutes to take us to the beach house.” Informing all of them, keeping together in a tight group, not wanting to lose each other in the madness of people trying to be first to get there luggage even though the bags came out in no particular order and usually around 15 minutes later of actually being off the plane.

“And if there isn’t?” Casey questioned with true concern, she knew nothing about LA nor how to navigate through it.

“Well then I dunno” He shrugged. “Guess you will have to find your own way there.” He smirked at Max, knowing his sister would bite.

Ambers mouth dropped open. “Are you serious?” She exclaimed, stopping her and everyone in their tracks. “I told you we could look after ourselves once there, but we have no way of knowing how to get there from here by ourselves! Dad told you this was your responsibility!”

“Well maybe it’s time you actually grew up. You’re 17 you can figure out how to get from here to Newport. I’ll give you some money, you’ll be alright” His face straight, Casey thinking for once that he might actually be serious. Looking to her friend, rage had completely taken over Amber’s face, even her freckles seemed to turn a shade darker against her pale skin. She was ready to blow.

“Joel I swear to god!” Casey said through gritted teeth.

“Oh come on you seriously think I would leave you girls here?” He asked rhetorically. Ambers sarcastic laugh filling the brief silence.

“You didn’t seriously just ask that?” Ambers rage cracking through her voice.

“It wouldn’t be the first time you’ve skipped out on us Joel.” Casey added nervously as she bit into her lower lip, looking up at him.

“Not in an unfamiliar city hours from home. Has your faith grown that little in me?” He seemed to question Casey more so then Amber rather honestly, his face shifting to something that showed hurt.

Casey went to open her mouth, but she closed it not sure how to answer, had her faith really faulted that much? He knew things about her that Amber would never know, things she was never a part of, the mischief and trouble they got up too like when they were 8 they snuck out to go swimming in the Layman’s pool at 2 in the morning whilst they were away on holidays which was totally badass at the time or the fact that it was them who rearranged Mrs. Lane’s gnome garden and she lost her shit making it one of the biggest incidents of the year, still to this date no one knew it was them. He had kept every moment they shared a secret. The day he cut them out, it had torn her apart for months, it was the one thing she never shared with Amber and she never really understood why. He had taken a part of her that still hadn’t returned. Did she miss it? She wasn’t sure, she hadn’t thought about it in years or the idea of them as friends in years, she had just grown use to the gaping hole it left and decided that missing it did her no good. So she moved on with life, but after how he’s treated her and Amber the last couple of years, she really didn’t know who he was anymore or where his priorities stood. Could she picture him leaving them there? Yes. But he had abandoned them on many occasions, but never left them without a way of getting home or without enough cash to get whatever they needed. So to answer his question honestly, it would have to be no. She didn’t have little faith in him, she had tons. But when she finally came back from her trail of thought, the conversation had clearly moved on and was now a thing of the past. Guess that was a good thing about their sibling squabbles they ended pretty much as soon as they started. But as she looked up at Joel, she saw the hurt that still lingered behind his dark grey orbs, as he stood waiting for his luggage, hands buried deep into his chino short pockets.


“You alright?” Amber asked, following Casey’s gaze over to Joel.

“Uh yeah, sorry, just thinking” She smiled, turning her attention to her friend.

“Not about my brother I hope” Amber’s face confused as she looked into her friends exceptionally green eyes, looking for a sign that it wasn’t what she thought.

“No. Not like that at least, that’d be weird and gross” She lied, he had definitely changed from a boy to a young man and as of lately she’d look longer then she use to but it was nothing more.

“Yeah well just remember he’s a dick and my brother.” Amber added like she was laying claim.

“Trust me I haven’t forgotten, but seriously it was nothing, you’re overreacting.” She linked her arm around Ambers and nudged her playfully. “Look our bags” she smiled, pointing out to them.

“It’s about time” Max mumbled, all four of them heading over to pick them up.


Luckily by the time they had walked outside the bus Joel had mentioned was indeed there waiting. Not that Casey was surprised but she did feel a wave of relief course through her body. Piling themselves on board for yet another trip, they finally made their way to the beach house. Summer truly had begun and she couldn’t wait to see what adventures it was going to bring her. 

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The Beach House

For once Casey awoke all on her own, opening her eyes slowly a gentle breeze swept across her cheek, kissing her good morning, the ocean scent filling her nostrils, the sound of crashing waves being the only thing she could hear, smiling she sat up and looked out the big window and doors across from her big king size bed, that she somehow managed to get lost in. An empty beach and beautiful clear blue water stared back her. It was so tranquil; maybe if she woke up to this every day, she’d be more of a morning person, she thought. Picking up her phone, the big bold lettered clock read 09:27. Not a sleep in but definitely longer then she was use too. Any time after 10 was considered a sleep in, in her eyes anyway. Lying back down, she absorbed this moment, taking it all in, wondering if it would feel the same tomorrow, her mind then wandered to Amber and where she was, considering this was their first day here, she’d expected to be dragged out of bed hours ago, so getting up, she headed for the door, but the mirror caused her to stop. “Ugh” she spoke out in disgust.

Her long mousey brown hair was tangled in waves and her oversize bed shirt which had a picture of empire state on it; a souvenir she’d received from her aunts trip to New York did absolutely nothing for her small figure. Her under eyes were puffy and her beige complexion really needed a good tan. She wasn’t exactly the ugliest girl but she didn’t feel like the prettiest. But she also didn’t go out of her way to wear makeup or do anything with her hair. Dragging her gaze from her shabby morning self, she headed into her ensuite and decided to get ready for the day. When done, she stopped by the door to look in the mirror once again. Her hair was now up in a high ponytail and she wore her favourite black high waisted denim shorts with a yellow singlet top with white embroided flowers on it that hugged her body nicely. Smiling briefly, she then turned and slipped out the door.

It had been late when they arrived last night, so she never really had the chance to explore. But the house was huge; she really had no idea where to begin looking for her auburn haired friend. The girls only decided on not sharing a room just so they could get a king size bed each. The Conrads definitely had too much money on their hands but she wasn’t about to complain, since they insisted on paying for her ticket here and back.

Glancing around she decided that maybe it best that she wait for Amber to find her. She didn’t want to walk into the room Joel or Max had chosen and risk her eyes being traumatized, so she headed downstairs looking for the kitchen, but it wasn’t hard to find. It was huge; open planned naturally, Holly was very strict about rooms having to have flow it had even been fully stocked with food from what she could see.

“There’s coffee in the pot if you want some, it should still be hot. I can make you one?” Joel’s voice came from out of nowhere before he arrived in front of her on the other side of the bench.

“Oh um sure” She smiled “Thanks.”

“Amber said to tell you that you deserved a sleep in and that she would be back soon.” He spoke as he prepared a coffee for her.

“Oh ok.” She said rather shakily and confused, why would she go somewhere without her on the first day here so early. “Did she say where she was going?” Casey questioned.

“Something to do with croissants and jam donuts for you” his expression was puzzled as he tried to recall, handing the drink over to Case.

“Oh I should have known, they’re her life source” She chuckled before taking the mug from Joel. “Thanks.” She added almost whisper like.

“Mum obviously forgot to have some purchased” He halfheartedly smiled.

“What a sin, Holly will have to live with that mistake for the rest of her days” Casey joked, a small cackle escaping his mouth; she smiled then took a sip of her drink. “Hey um,” she paused. “I’m sorry about yesterday, with the whole lack of faith thing. I actually have more faith in you then you think” She felt bad for hurting him, even if he had forgotten about it by now, she just wasn’t going to be satisfied until she made her peace.

“Nah don’t worry about it, I haven’t exactly been the greatest.” He fell silent, like he wasn’t sure what to call himself. “friend” he settled on. “The past few years, you guys should loathe me with half the shit I’ve done to you.”

“Trust me we’ve tried, but we can’t shake you, you’re like a flea” she smiled as she looked at him, a small smile forming on his lips before he let out a laugh.

“God he remembers!” Casey laughed.

“Remembers what?” He asked confused.

“Remembers how to laugh and smile” Her smile grew wider, having missed talking to him.

“I do it all the time; you just aren’t around to see it.” He looked at her smirking.

“Clearly” She rolled her eyes, taking another sip of her drink. “But I am curious to know why you cut us out, did it just get too lame hanging out with your sister and her best friend or did you get too cool for us.”

“Honestly.” He looked down, the mood changing immediately, “It doesn’t matter”

“It does to me” She looked at him seriously, sitting her mug back down on the bench.

“I can’t tell you even if I wanted too.” His orbs meeting hers.

“Tell her what Joel?” Amber walked in through the side entrance with a grocery bag, placing it down on the bench, looking between us her expression nervous.

“I was trying to get the reason he cut us out.” Casey admitted, looking between the both of them, tension filling the air. She had always wondered if Amber had anything to do with it even though she really hoped she didn’t.

“Well good luck with that, he won’t even tell me.” Amber simply replied as she began to unpack her groceries. “I got you some jam donuts; I know they are your favourite.” She grinned at Casey.

“Ooo yummy!” She grinned. “Thank you!” Taking the box and opening them. “Do you want one?” She offered Joel, but when she looked up he was gone. “Ah, where did he go?”

“Don’t know, don’t care.”

“Okay.” Casey drawled out, but didn’t question it more.

“You know this is the most you’ve talked to him in ages.” Amber stated.

“No it’s not, we talk.” She paused “I’m just being polite, we have to live together as a group for the entire summer after all, just thought it might make it easier.” Casey’s face filled with confusion. “Since when do you care? It’s just Joel.” 

“I don’t care, but you guys don’t just talk, it’s usually more staring and avoidance and minimal conversation.” Amber leaned on the bench, observing Casey. “Nothing ever happened between you two right? You would of told me?”

“Absolutely not, this is Joel we’re talking about, your brother, trust me you’d know if something had happened.” She sighed “I don’t know how it affected you, but when he cut us out and didn’t talk to me for months on end, it cut pretty deep. The three of us were best friends. Us against the world remember? I’ve always wondered why he did it, just thought I’d try and open the door, but as per usual, Joel is Joel and I got nothing.”

“Don’t beat yourself up about it, he’s a guy, they do weird shit. And as you said Joel is Joel.” Amber offered a reassuring smile, before digging into one of her croissants.

Casey smiled softly and finished off her jam donut, losing herself into the reasons why he could never tell her.


By lunch, the girls were already dying in the heat. They had yet to go bikini shopping, so swimming was out, well until Amber decided that she couldn’t take it anymore. Why she’d let Amber talk her into not getting new swimmers before coming away she’ll never know, but she was happy that Amber finally wanted to go and get some. So after a check in call to Sarah, they hailed down a taxi and headed for the local mall.

“Let’s go in here” She stopped and pointed to Seafolly. “They always have the hottest bikinis” Amber grinned.

“Since when did you start caring about looking hot?” Casey chuckled.

“Since we are in a completely different state hours away from our parents on summer vacation with a million hot topless guys on the beach right at our backdoor” she laughed.

“True” Casey agreed. “How about this one?” She picked up a polka dotted pink and white set that had frills around the top.

“I said hot Case, not whatever that is.” She waved at it disgusted.

“Well what did you have in mind?”

“Something black, sexy, something like this!” Her eyes widened in excitement, picking it up and holding it out to show Casey.

“Woah, that’s really uh.. skimpy and revealing.” Casey admitted, thinking it looked more like her under garments she’d spent most her savings on that were never for others to see, except for her boyfriend if she ever ended up with one. The rate she was going she would be forever alone and own a million cats.

“That’s the whole point.” She rolled her eyes. “Oo, it’s a push up bra too” She grinned excitedly.

“Ambs you aren’t just doing this to get Max’s attention are you? There are other ways of getting his attention without having to flaunt your its and bits to him, or anyone else for that matter.”

“This has nothing to do with him, well maybe a tiny bit but I’m 17, I want to feel sexy, I want to look like a young woman instead of a girl. How do you not get this?”

“It’s not that I don’t get it, I do, but is this really the way you want to go about it? I mean yeah it’s freakin hot and you’ll rock it, but neither you nor I have experience with guys, I don’t want this leading you into trouble.”

“You worry so much, it’s one of the reasons I love you, but trust me when I say this is what I want.”
Casey sighed, tilting her head slightly, observing the bikini. “Ok but don’t say I didn’t warn you.” She said rather hesitantly.

“Yay!” Amber jumped into her friends arms hugging her tightly. “Now we have to find something for you!” She grinned cheekily.

“I think I’ll pick my own set thank you” Casey chuckled, shaking her head at her crazy friend.

“Well at least let me point a few things out?” Her hazel eyes pleading the same way she did with Sarah.

“Fine, but don’t be offended if I don’t chose them.”

“I won’t” She smiled.


It took Casey a lot longer to find something she liked; Amber had already grabbed another two sets of bikinis for herself, because you can’t just stay in the same ones. Casey was however a lot more conscious of her body and bikinis had never been her thing; she much preferred a one piece, but Amber pretty much gave her no choice; it was a bikini or nothing.

45 minutes later, after a number of disputes and debates they finally left the store satisfied. Casey ended up getting two sets, the main being a floral print set. The bottoms were high waisted and the top was a v-neck bralette. It suited her and was nowhere near as revealing as Ambers. However, she ended up talking Amber into letting her get a blue one piece that had an Aztec printed band around the legs and chest as her second set seeing as she had picked one bikini set and the fact that they still had all the time in the world to go back and get more if she ever so desired.


Once back at the beach house, they decided to go on that long awaited swim. Casey had managed to get changed before Amber, so she headed out to the back porch, grabbing a towel from the laundry on her way out.

“Wow. I never thought I’d see this day.” Joels voice piped up as him and Max were returning from the beach. “Casey in a bikini.” He looked at Max, then back to Case, shocked.

Casey looked at them both giving Joel a sarcastic smile, quickly wrapping herself in the towel she grabbed. “Don’t even start, I already feel weird.” Wishing she had worn her one piece.

“Don’t, it looks good” Max chimed in, winking at her.

“Uh thanks?” She said confused wrapping herself tighter into the towel feeling uncomfortable by Max’s gesture, glancing back up at Joel, his expression had turned stiff, a flame behind his eye, It reminded her a great deal of jealousy, but it quickly disappeared when his face turned into utter shock and disgust when Amber walked out the back door.

“What the hell is that!” He exclaimed, waving his hands around at her body.

“A bikini.” She replied with sass.

“Oh no it’s not, get back in the house and put something on.”

“I will not, I paid a lot of money for this.”

“Well clearly it’s overpriced its missing material.” Joel was dumbfounded.

Casey had to admit she was too, it looked like more in the store, but seeing it on Amber, her ass was bare and her boobs were bulging. Glancing over at Max she noticed him eying Amber off like she was fresh meat. That part of the plan worked, but there was something about him that put her off suddenly, maybe it’d been the way he looked at her just moments ago.

“How could you let her get this?” Joel turned to Casey.

“Hey!” Casey held up her hands “I told her I didn’t think it was a good idea, I can only say so much.” She looked at Joel as if to say ‘You know what she’s like’.

“Don’t blame her, I wanted this. I like it, it looks hot.” Her eyes beaming.

“You look like a prostitute, seriously mum is gonna kill you then me”

“You’ve never cared before about what I wear, why suddenly now?!” She exclaimed. Casey and Max watched in awe, curiously waiting to see how it ended. “And what she doesn’t know won’t hurt her.” Amber added.

“I care because you’ve never done anything like this and you’re my sister and I know what guys are going to think when they look at you in that.” He fought.

“Well lucky for you that’s not your concern it’s mine, now if you don’t mind Casey and I are going to enjoy the beach.” Amber shoved past her brother, grabbing onto Casey and pulled her towards the beach.

Casey peered over her shoulder at Joel as if to say sorry, but he was already on his way inside, the door slamming hard behind him, cussing words as he went. Max on the other hand was still on the porch, eyes glued to Ambers backside.

“God can you believe him?” Her tone cold.

“I dunno Ambs” She paused turning her attention back to her friend “I don’t blame him, it’s a lot less then what I thought it was going to be on you. You know Rebecca George; you aren’t too far off being her right now.”

“Yeah and she’s hot.”

“Yeah and she’s also referred to as the town bike.”

“I’m not a slut Casey.” She said defensively.

“No you aren’t but it’s what people are going to think.”

Amber fell silent. “God you two are making this bigger than it needs to be. It’s just a fuckin bikini!” She yelled, a few onlookers turning to see what was going on.

“Look, I’m not telling you what to do or judging you but it is a lot to take in when no one including me is used to seeing you in clothes like this. Just as long as you can handle the looks and comments, then ok, I’ll let it go. As for Joel I can’t speak for him. But I’m your best friend and it’s my job to tell you the truth. And I’m telling you now, that bikini is ridiculously lacking material, but your ass does look pretty damn good.” She laughed, trying to make her friend happy.

Amber laughed. “What would I do without you?” She smiled.

“Don’t know, but let’s hope you never find out.” Casey smiled giving her friend a small hug, before dropping her towel and racing into the cool water. 

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A Drunken Bonfire

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A Birthday Plan

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