The Seventh Door


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Chapter 1

London, May 2015

By the time you read this, all trace of me will have disappeared. The bits I can control that is: Facebook, Twitter, every belonging I gathered into our haven. You will forgive me, in time. I know at first this will be a shock to you, but believe me, it is for the best. Please do not, I beg you, think this was about you. I HAD to leave, I had no other alternative. I'm sure you will worry yourself sick about me, but you have to know, no search parties will ever find me. Trust me on this.

I cannot bear to draw this letter out any longer, I've said more than I should have already.

You have my love always, Anthony. 

P.S. Take care of Sweet Pea, and take utmost care of yourself.


Laura placed the letter onto the dressing table and stared at her expressionless reflection in the mirror. A single tear edged its way down her cheek and splattered on her grey chiffon dress.





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Started this novel today, with a flash of inspiration. Hopefully keep writing a little each day. Please follow my story. I need some encouragement to stay in the writing-zone!


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