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Hello I Love You- The Doors

   "VALENTINE'S DAY CAN GO SUCK A DICK," I shout, as I burst through the door of my apartment that I share with my room-mate, Cassie.

Cassie and I met two years ago, at the start of our freshmen year here at UCLA. We roomed together that first semester and quickly became BFFs. Best-Fucking-Friends.

We have been inseparable since the day we met. She is the yin to my yang. She's a tall leggy blonde, I'm a small curvy brunette, and even though we are complete opposites in the looks department, our personalities are very similar. She understands that I don't come with a filter because neither does she. 

Cassie bounces up off the couch where she had been sitting, drowning her single status in a tub of Ben and Jerry's. She has been binge watching re-runs of 'Pretty Little Liars' on Netflix for most of the day. "Who needs a man, when I can just ogle Caleb Rivers?"  She said.

"Jesus-fucking-Christ Ella! You just scared the Cookie Dough right out of me. What happened to your date? Where's Jake?" 

I place my beloved black leather Michael Kors bag on the counter, I let out a heavy sigh and walk over to the couch. I pat the space next to me, silently asking her to sit back down beside me. She takes a seat, folding her legs underneath her in preparation for my explanation.

"Oh, I'll tell you where he between some blonde's legs. I mean, he literally had his face planted right between her thighs." I reveal.

Cassie's eyes bulge out of her head. I know that was the last thing she expected me to say. "Nooo." she gasps. She makes no attempt to hide the look of horror on her perfect, heart-shaped face. 

"Oh yes, and do you know what he had the audacity to say to me?... Sorry, Babe, I wasn't expecting you till eight." I mock, doing my best Jake impression.

Cassie's eyebrows are near reaching her hairline at this point. "You have got to be kidding me! What a douche-nugget!" 

I nod my head. Yes. I lay back against the couch and look up at the ceiling fan. Why can't I ever pick a nice guy?

I side-glance over at Cassie. Oh no, she's got a look of devilment shining in her bright blue eyes. She hops up off the couch and claps her hands together. "Ella May Andrews, as your best friend I will not allow you to sit here in that hot little dress and wallow in self-pity. We, my dear, are going out." 

I take in what she is wearing; she has got her Minnie Mouse pyjama pants on, with her UCLA hoddie. Her long blonde hair is piled into a messy bun on top of her head.

"Are you going out like that?" I ask, trying to hold back the laugh that's making it's way up my throat. Cassie is gorgeous in anything, but those PJ's have seen better days.

"Obviously not, give me twenty minutes and I'll be good as new." She winks and skips towards her bedroom.


Half an hour, and a bottle of hairspray later, we're walking into 'Jar's'. It's a local student bar just off UCLA campus. 'Jar's' has been the go-to spot ever since 'Sinners' started playing there a few years back, that was before they hit the big time but everyone still flocks here in hopes that they'll meet the band.

Once we make our way past the horde of bouncers, we head inside. The bar is fully decked out for Valentine's Day. I take in all the tacky decorations. It looks like Cupid chewed the place up and spat it out. Everywhere I look there are lovey-dovey couples; hearts and roses cover every possible surface. I let out a sigh and turn to Cassie. "Maybe this was a bad idea?" I question. 

She opens her mouth to reply, but we are interrupted by what I can only describe as a replica of 'Danny DeVito', in an adult size diaper. Does he think he looks like Cupid? Talk about over-kill.

"Hello ladies, welcome to our first ever Love Locks singles night. Here are your locks, now all you must do is find the man who holds the key. You never know; he might just be the man of your dreams."

The lock is hanging on a piece of red ribbon, so we can place it around our necks. Baby Cupid DiVito seems pleased when we put the locks in place. Finally, he strolls off to find his next victims. 

I let my eyes scan the room, everyone looks to be having fun at least. Just then my gaze lands on the door. FML! Could this night get any worse? Jake has arrived at Jar's with Skanky McSkank, they are now sucking the faces off each other like they're the latest freaking Dyson models. Great!

"Ella." The sound of Cassie's voice calling my name snaps me out of my thoughts. She places her hand on my shoulder, gently turning me around so I don't have to see my boyfriend; I mean my now ex-boyfriend, playing tonsil hockey with Bimbo Barbie. "I'm sorry El, you shouldn't have to witness that. Do you want to go home?" Cassie asks, her voice full of sympathy. 

I will myself to stand a little taller. I have just as much right to be here as he does. "No...," I reply. "..screw them. They can have each other. I'm here now, and I am determined to enjoy myself. I am not wasting another minute of my time on Jake Sanders. Why don't you go find us a table up near the band? I'll go get us some drinks." 


Have you ever tried to balance two beers and two shots of tequila, while making your way across a crowded bar in 6inch heels? It's no joke let me tell you.

I am just about to reach the small round table Cassie found us; just to the right of the stage. Suddenly my foot slips on some spilled liquid that's coating the hardwood floor, causing my body to jerk forward. 

The drinks that I was artfully carrying, go flying from my hands. Thump. I slam straight into what feels like a giant wall of rock hard muscle. 

I look up at the shithead that just made me spill drink all over my new red dress. "Hey watch where you're going, ass...holy mother of all orgasms." Did I just say that out loud?

My gaze travels slowly, up over the dark grey t-shirt that is clinging to his wide hard chest. I can easily make out the shape of his abs through his now wet t-shirt. My first thought is; Thank you tequila. My second; Good god did Michelangelo carve this man? 

I try to take a step backward when his two very strong, very tattooed arms wrap around my waist and pull me in tighter. I look up at the six-foot-something man in front of me. When my eyes land on his face, I see the most beautiful man I've ever seen. Sweet baby Jesus.

He's got a full pair of lips that could kiss me stupid. Erasing any brain cells I have, a chiselled jawline covered in just the right amount of stubble. His messy hair is slightly long, jet black like coal, and it looks like he has just been running his fingers through it. His eyes lock onto mine, and they're just as impressive as the rest of him. If not more so. They look like a stormy night. Navy blue with flecks of steel grey. 

Mr. Orgasm's chest vibrates softly against me as a rough sexy growl erupts from his mouth. 

"Sorry about that darling, I got a bit distracted there by a beautiful girl in a red dress," He says in an accent I can't quite place. Scottish, maybe Irish. 

"Do you use that line often?" I ask, raising my fleeky AF eyebrows. 

His whole face lights up with a smile, that could melt the panties off any woman, showing off two boyish dimples on either side of his mouth. Oh, he would have to have dimples, wouldn't he! They're like my kryptonite.

"Depends, did it work?" He replies. His voice is deep, yet melodic. 

I shrug my shoulders in a 'you tell me fashion.'

"So," he asks, his eyes never leaving mine. "...does the beautiful woman in the red dress, have a name?" 

I ease myself from his hold and turn to walk away. I look back at him over my shoulder; he is still standing in the same spot, staring at me. 

"Isabella..." I smirk. "...but everyone calls me Ella." I shoot him a wink and try to do my best 'sexy walk' over to the table, where Cassie is watching the exchange. The amusement is blazing in her blue eyes.

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