A Man's Love


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A Man's Love

Written by ierammarie

    "I've been waiting for you to come home. But... why?" Tears fall down his cheeks. Louie's heart almost stopped beating as he saw his wife come home after she finished her contract abroad. He was ecstatic when she told him that she's going back and will be staying for good. But all the happy thoughts and feelings were washed away when he saw her swollen tummy. His wife is pregnant. And that child was another man's offspring. How the hell did it happen?! He had so many questions in his mind. But, he's not in control of his emotions and he doesn't want to make any action that he'll regret afterwards. He's only human not a Saint so to be safe he went to his parents house and isolate himself.


    Meanwhile Greta doesn't have the courage to go after him. She knows how much that man love and adores her. She's crying endlessly. Tears kept pouring as if there's no tomorrow.

    "Why, God? Why did this happen to us?"

    That's all she can do. To cry and ask Him why it has to happen?

    The loving woman is not an adulterer. She's a victim of a tragic incident on the hands of the people she thought were her friends. She was raped! And if it wasn't for the child in her belly she had been long gone. She wanted to commit suicide the moment realities sink in her mind. She almost lost her sanity upon realizing the things she never imagined to happen in her once happy and full of love life.

    Life isn't cruel. But Satan is just around the corner tempting and taking advantage of even the tiniest negative feeling in a person's heart. He wants us to suffer, for him it's a melody in the ear.

    Greta went to her parent's home as well. They were shocked on her condition but they did not condemn her. Her mother and father talk to her. They know her too well. And right then and there she exploded. She told them what she had gone through and they were heartbroken after they heard the nightmare of their daughter. Greta felt better as her loving parents embraced her and assure her that everything will somehow going to be alright. And she believes them.

    Louie's heart was bleeding. His in-laws talk to him and even if Greta forbids them to let him know the truth they can't bear it in their hearts to do nothing.

    Louie decided to investigate and after almost 2 years he gets what he wanted. He was able to get justice for his wife's tragic ordeals. He did everything in his power to find an evidence to unveil the identity of the culprits of his wife's misery.

    He found out that the man who had been trying to make Greta return his feelings befriended her colleagues that lead them being his accomplices. They organized a fake birthday party and invited Greta. She doesn't drink any alcohol but that night they fooled her. Someone slipped a drug on her juice drink. And after she drank it a few minutes later she lost consciousness. The next thing she knew she had been abused.

    After almost three years that Louie was away he finally decided to return to the Philippines. There, he met the beautiful daughter of his wife, Dorothy. He accepted the child wholeheartedly. Greta was shocked but was very glad that after all they have been through Louie is still there willing to spend the rest of his life with them.

    They started anew, living a life full of love, trust, loyalty and respect. But most especially their faith in God will never be shaken again. God never turn His back on them during such a difficult time. Without Him their heart would have been filled with hatred and anger. Understanding and acceptance shall never occur and only darkness will be there. What a horror it would be?

    Dorothy is indeed a gift from Our Almighty Father. She had been the reason for Greta's will to cling to life. She had been her angel. The bond that keeps their family united and strong come what may.

    Greta proved her love to her husband and daughter by loving them every second of their lives.

    And, Louie continues to watch over his family and love them unconditionally. He never let the hush-hush of the people around him destroy them; instead he took it as a challenge wherein he had no intention of losing. He loves his wife so much and he can't bear to live without her. Because of that strong affection he was able to embrace and extended his love to Dorothy. He never looks at her as another man's daughter but as his own. He would have never been this contented and strong willed without them.

    They now spend every day with a joyful laughter and praises for God who gave them a chance to live a happy life.

    There's nothing impossible in love. If you love truly you will accept the person you cared the most without any restrictions or apprehensions.

    In everything that comes off we should always look at the other side of the coin. Acceptance is also a vital key in moving on. And when everything's seems awry God will be there to guide you to the right path.

    Keep in mind that there is always a rainbow after each rain.

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